El Salvador – El Manzano Orange Bourbon


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Farm Technical Details

  • Farm/Cooperative/Label: El Manzano
  • Producer: Emilio Lopez
  • Region: Ilamatepec
  • Varietal: arabica – orange bourbon
  • Altitude: 1700m
  • Process: Honey
  • Harvest period: December to March

Farm Overview

In January 2017, Rob & Bonne visited El Manzano when harvest was at full swing. To meet Emilio at his farm was wonderful! He gave us a lot of insight in the growing and processing of coffee, too much information to share over here 😉

We were amazed by the structure and discipline on his farm, which Emilio believes is the base for his succes. It might have lowered the romantic feel compared to some other farms, but I believe it was a realistic view of how coffee growing works and should be done.

Besides total control, the people of El Manzano won’t step away from new experiments. We cupped quite some coffee’s that were harvested just a while ago and this Orange Bourbon was standing out firmly! Emilio conserved a small plot of this rare variety on a piece of land he recently bought and started pruning and fertilizing a couple of trees on the higher altitudes of El Manzano.

We are very proud to be able to offer this unique experiment, only 69kg were produced of this specific variety, so take some time when drinking this beauty!

Cupping Profile

What can you expect: A fruity cup, we found stonefruit, a silky body, great sweetness and a milkchocolate aftertaste, this is a super smooth cup from El Salvador!

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