Keen Education

Building lasting relationships with our wholesalers is at the heart of Keen Coffee.
Our wholesalers get more than just beans. You also get the training, support, and practical
advice that you need to succeed in the coffee business.

Customized Training
Keen will assess your needs and create a personalized training plan for your business. We’ll provide education for you and your employees on the basics of making espresso and foaming milk, and give you in-depth training on how to use and maintain your equipment.

Keen will help you develop a menu that is tailored to your goals, and to your customers’ tastes. We’ll also help you with setting up an efficient bar, marketing, operations, budgeting, cost controls, upselling, and customer service.

Equipment: We Know What You Need and Where to Get it
From the espresso machine down to the espresso spoons. Keen will help you with the difficult task of finding the equipment that works best for your business goals and budget, so you can focus on managing your business.

We know that the first months of launching a business are hectic, so instead of waiting on your call, we reach out to you. We’ll check in with you regularly and, if necessary, even provide a refresher.

Continued Support
At Keen, we believe in making sure you have what you need on an ongoing basis. That’s why we host repeat training sessions and refresher courses, either at your work space, or at our roastery.

• Every six months, we’ll come back to your business to give you an assessment. We’ll tackle any new problems, and update your coffee techniques.

• Twice a year, we host trainings at our roastery, Keen Campus, to train your new staff, and get them entirely up to speed.

Keen Campus
At our roastery we host training events twice a year called Keen Campus. Keen Campus is a place for coffee professionals to grow their skill set and make connections with other people in the Industry. In addition to the basic training mentioned above, as a wholesaler you can also enroll your most motivated baristas in one of our advanced training sessions. At these sessions they will improve their skills and learn new techniques which they can then bring back to your business and share with your entire team.

‘The Keen team is innovative, skilled, and approachable.They keep up with the latest innovations and are constantly educating themselves. They are able to find some really awesome and unique coffees, thanks to their close connections with farmers.’ Martijn Engels, Brauhaus, Utrecht

Coffee Diploma
Everyone at Keen is a certified SCAE trainer. We are certified by The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe to offer training for diplomas in: Introduction into Coffee, Green Coffee, Roasting, Sensory and Barista Skills.

‘The precision of their knowledge makes them very good trainers, because they urge us to explore new paths.’ Melanie Badets, Cafe Michel, France

‘We left their facilities with a broadened knowledge about coffee and with a higher level of confidence in what we do. We are happy to have found such nice people who we can trust.’ Gabriela Melgar, La Crema Kaffe, Norway