Competition is wonderfull

Competition keeps us motivated to innovate, to keep learning, and to refine our craft.

We never want to stop getting better at what we do, which is why Keen participates in competitions around the world. Competing pulls us out of our comfort zone and forces us to explore coffee from different angles. It gives rise to new ways of thinking and pushes us to experiment with different processes and try new methods.

Competing is the push we need to take the quality of our coffee to the next level.

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World Barista Championships 2019 – World of Coffee 2019

Again we roasted the coffee for Mathieu Theis, the Swiss barista champion, for World of Coffee 2019. He used our ‘El Diamante Azul’with tones of cinnamon and apple pie. He won 6th place in the finals (out of 60 competitors from across the globe.)

Roasting Mathieu’s coffee is our greatest accomplishment yet 🙂


World Barista Championships 2018 – World of Coffee 2018

We roasted the coffee Mathieu Theis, the Swiss barista champion, used for World of Coffee 2018. He placed 1rst in both the first round and semi finals, then won 3rd place in the finals (out of 60 competitors from across the globe.)

Watch his presentation for yourself at the videos section here


Dutch Barista Championship 2018 – Barista & Brewers Cup Finals. Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Dagmar Geerlings & Niels te Vaanhold participated the Dutch Barista Championship & Brewers Cup finals. They used Keen coffees, specifically selected and sourced for them by our roasters specifically. Dagmar won third place, and Niels took 4th. Niels also became the Dutch Cup Tasting champion that same weekend.


Dutch Barista Championship 2017 – Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Coffee bar owner and barista Dagmar Geerlings of Dagger Coffee worked with us to source and roast a coffee worthy of the judges at the renowned Amsterdam Coffee Festival. Keen’s team coached and advised her throughout her preparations and on to win second place at the competition.

Dutch barista championships 2017


World Brewers Cup 2016 – World of Coffee Dublin

Rob competed for the world championship again in 2016, this time in Dublin. He prepared a truly unique Costa Rican coffee and, for the first time, he was able to bring Esteban, the farmer who grew the beans he roasted, with him to watch the show. Rob placed 8th out of 40 participating champions from around the globe.

rob kerkhoff world brewers cup


Dutch Brewers Cup 2016 – Amsterdam Coffee Festival

In 2016, Rob became the Dutch brewing champion for the second time. His coffee of choice was a Pacamara from Cafe Granja La Esperanza. He used a Phoenix 70 from Saint Anthony Industries to prepare his award winning brew.

Cafe Granja La Esperanza

Rob Kerkhoff dutch brewers champion


World Brewers Cup 2015 – World of Coffee Gothenburg

After becoming national champion, our barista Rob competed for the world championship in Gothenburg. He used The Espro Press to prepare his brew. After 2 preliminary rounds, Rob finished fifth of 30 participating countries.


Dutch Brewers Cup 2015 – Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Our barista Rob became a national champion brewing a beautiful Cafe de Altura de San Ramon from Costa Rica roasted by Keen Coffee.

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