Championship Tasting Box – Anaerobic

Different origins
Crazy. Delicious. Funky.

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This time we have an extremely special box for you—the championships’ box, containing three anaerobically processed coffees from all around the globe that you’d normally not taste outside of a barista championship! Try 3 x 125 grams of these three anaerobic championship coffees!

Shipping start Friday April 9th

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Flavour profile

Semeon Abaye from Ethiopia is our first destination. Cherimoya, bubblegum and hibiscus are the main flavours you’ll find here, rounded off with mango, pineapple and cactus. This is one of the craziest and complex coffees we ever tasted! Next is Maria Brenes from Costa Rica—spicy cinnamon with sweet pastry butteriness, red apple and brown sugar. Close your eyes and you’re eating your grandma’s apple pie. Yum. And finally, our newcomer from Indonesia: Frinsa! One of the biggest and boldest coffees we know, but with a perfect balance. Rum-raisin, passionfruit, melon and brown sugar are just some of the flavours waiting to be discovered here.

The story – the farm

The world of coffee is amazing, don’t you think? Even within the same continent, origin, altitude, varieties or processing, there are a great many things that set coffees apart from each other. We’ve decided to showcase these similarities and/or differences, by offering a trio of great coffees that will help you discover all that coffee has to offer.


Check for all the details the productpages of the individual coffees.


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