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Try 2 x 1000 grams of our delicious direct trade coffees! Jaguara is our first direct trade coffee and the best we’ve tried out of Brazil. We selected this coffee for its completely distinct flavour profile. Agua de Nieve from Peru is a Future Proof Coffee project we started with MVO Nederland. This espresso starts with grapey acidity and sweet tropical lychee notes, then rounds things out with a milk chocolaty finish.

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Flavour profile

The rare, fresh hit of lemon in Jaguara makes this beautiful coffee completely unique. You’ll also find a buttery, creamy body, caramel sweetness, and notes of deep chocolate.  We visited this Jaguara farm, remotely located in Campo das Vertentes . The cold weather in the region slows the maturation of the coffee which brings it more sweetness and improves its overall quality, we’ve never tasted anything quite like it from Brazil!

Agua de Nieve is grown in the Andes at a high altitude (1800—2000 meters) which lends it a complex acidity. The coffee is of the Typica, Caturra variety and fully washed, resulting in a beautifully layered cup. Grown with love and attention by a group of 20 farmers, each of whom process their own yield to sweet, balanced perfection. Juicy and sweet! A layered coffee that starts with grapey acidity and sweet tropical lychee notes, then rounds things out with a milk chocolaty finish.


The story – the farm

The Jaguara farm was started by three friends in 2001, when they planted the first coffee trees in the Campo das Vertentes region. The name of the farm originates from an important Quilombola community, named Jaguara. The farm is next to Sao Joao del Rei, famous for it’s gold extraction but with no history of coffee culture.

Roaster, and Keen co-founder, Bonne Postma travelled to the Agua de Nieve farm in Peru. He met with the farmers who created this fruity, Peruvian coffee and, not only did he fall in love with these beans, but he saw great potential in the farm itself.  This is a new direct trade project for Keen, and we’re so excited to support these farmers in growing to their full potential by paying them what they deserve.


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