El Diamante Azul (WBC Finals 2019)

Costa Rica

Whiney. Fruity. Sweet.

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El Diamante Azul made Mathieu Theis win the Swiss Barista Cup and reached the World Barista Finals in 2019. Get your own ‘Cinnamon Coffee’ here. Order now! Limited availability.

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Flavour profile

This coffee comes from the Sardinal farm, located in West Valley in Costa Rica, has a completely distinct flavour because of the anaerobic fermentation process it undergoes.

Anaerobic fermentation of the coffee cherries results in a complex cup with flavour notes of cinnamon, dark cherry, cacao, rum-raisins, green apple, molasses.

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Farm / Cooperative: Sardinal Farm

Farmer & Producer: José Rafael & Esteban Villalobos

Region: West Valley

Varietal: H1 Centroamericano

Altitude: 1200m

Process: Hybrid Natural Anaerobic

Harvest Period: January- February


This coffee comes from the Sardinal farm, located in West Valley in Costa Rica. It was created by our dear friend Esteban (whose coffee took us to the stage at the World Brewers Cup in ‘15 & ‘16!). Esteban’s anaerobic fermentation process, used to create this coffee, is intriguing and complex. This year he experimented with a  H1 Centroamericano variety. He let the cherries ferment aerobic for 48 hours and afterwards added mucilage to the whole cherries, and let it ferment anearobic. This mixture was fermented for 17 hours in an airtight tank. He’s been tweaking his method by controlling the drying phase in a drying machine to get a clean, but very expressive cup!

Mathieu Theis made it to the finals of the WBC once more in 2019 with this amazing coffee . We’re super proud that we roasted for his championship run!

And also Agnieszka Rojeska is using this coffee during the World Coffee & Good spirit Championships in Berlin.

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