Filter sample box IV: four of our filter coffees

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Try 4 x 250 gram of our great filter coffees! Be surprised by this special deal with all our filter coffees. You will get 1x our direct trade Jaguara, Brazil,  1x our first Ugandan coffee Zira Empisa, 1x the new Wolichi Wachu from Ethiopia and 1x the great Mahambe from Rwanda.

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Flavour profile

In this special deal you’ll find the newest direct trade Wolichi Wachu from Ethiopia, our first Ugandan coffee Zira Empisa, the beloved Mahembe from Rwanda  and all time favourite Jaguara, Brazil, now for the first time as filter roast.

The story – the farm

Time to experiment! Sample our entire range of filter coffees to find your perfect brew. All our coffee in a sample box to send to our beloved coffee loving customers. It’s the selection of all our filter roast coffees:

  • Jaguara, Brazil
  • Wolichu Wachu, Ethiopia
  • Tipoj, Guatemala
  • Mahembe, Rwanda

Now you can try them all in one easy sample box!


Check for all the details the productpages of the individual coffees.


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