San Felipe

El Salvador
Sweet • Balanced • Thick body


Are you one of those people who can enjoy an elaborate, copious six-course meal and still have room left for something sweet? If so, then this is the coffee for you! San Felipe from El Salvador is packed with all kinds of sweet, fruity flavours and, therefore, is the perfect companion for your dessert. Or your breakfast. Or your daily rounds on social media. If your tooth is sweet, this coffee will make every activity just a little bit better.
With your first sips, your palate will be softly caressed by dried mango, maple syrup, and red grape notes, which go perfectly with the Indian summer we’ve been having. Then, more “sticky” notes, such as blueberry, raisin, and prune, will stick to the roof of your mouth and coat your tongue with a dark sweetness that might make you consider going over to the dark side for good.

Supply chain

Salaverria family – Nordic Approach – Keen Coffee


This wonderful cup of sweetness comes from the farm of the Salaverria family who – in a stroke of genius – decided to plant their coffee bushes on the mineral-rich slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. This is why their coffee bushes always look super healthy and well taken care of.


14°06’19.4″N 89°34’15.6″W


  • Farm: San Felipe
  • Producer: Salaverria Family
  • Region: Santa Ana
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1,740m
  • Process: Anaerobic Natural
  • Harvest Period:
  • Flavour: Dried mango, maple syrup, red grape, blueberry, raisin & prune


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