Selection of our championship El Diamante

Different origins
Crazy. Delicious. Funky.

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Try 2 x 250 gram of all our championship coffees! Be surprised by this special deal with all our filter coffees for the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. You’ll get 1x El Diamante Natural (WBC 2018) and 1x El Diamante Azul (WBC 2019)!

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Flavour profile

In this special deal you’ll find two times El Diamante from Costa Rica. The famous cinnamon coffee with it’s characteristic apple pie flavours.

The story – the farm

Due to the cancellation of the Amsterdam Coffee Festival this year, we decided to bring all our coffee in a sample box to send to our beloved coffee loving customers. It’s the selection of all our championship coffees:

  • El Diamante Azul from Costa Rica – WBC 2019 finals
  • El Diamante Natural Anaerobic from Costa Rica – WBC 2018 finals

Now you can try them all in one easy sample box!


Check for all the details the productpages of the individual coffees.


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