Such Great Heights – Special Tasting Box

Costa Rica, Peru & Colombia


We have good news, and great news.The good news is: Some very special coffee’s are on their way to our HQ. The great news is: we have to create space for it… Therefore we have a ‘one time only’ 40% discount on three of our current ‘specials’ bundled into a one time trilogy.

First up ‘Alex Bermudez’ (250gr), a pioneering coffee farmer who first introduced ‘Thermal Shock processing’ to the world of specialty coffee. Second: ‘Andres Torres’ (250gr), a geisha that ended sixt Peru ‘Cup of excellence’. To top things off: El Diamante Moka (125gr), which is a special variety, Cultivated by ‘Jose Calderon’, and processed by our favorite producer: ‘Esteban Villalobos’.

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Supply chain

  • Esteban Villalobos – Keen (El Diamante Moka)
  • Alex Bermudez (El Paraiso Farm) – CATA – Keen
  • Andres Torres – Cultivar – Keen


El Diamante Moka:The Moka variety is unlikely to be found in Latin America, but our friend Esteban managed to locate a farmer named Jose Calderon who successfully cultivates this uncommon variety. Our El Diamante coffees speak for themselves, and it almost feels as if they don’t need an introduction anymore. Yet, it continues to amaze us how every single lot, after Esteban’s fermentation, brings along other characteristic flavour notes.

Alex Bermudez: Once a law graduate, Alex Bermudez never imagined he’d be taking the world of coffee by storm! But when his brother, Diego, introduced him to the magical bean, he was hooked! Together, they produce coffee that is exceptional and bound by their brotherly love for innovation.

Andres Torres: Andres, who really has set a benchmark when it comes to Geisha’s in Northern Peru, got into the business through his parents, who followed up his grandparents. In recent years, Andres started freestyling with fermentation methods to bring new life to the family’s expertise, ending up sixth at 21’s ‘Peru Cup of Excellence’.


Check for all the details the product pages of the individual coffees.

About the title:

New year, new tasting box concept. We decided to implement song-titles and other related links to music we sing along (or dance to) as names for each new box. We strongly believe that just like music, coffee is a binding factor. It’s a universal language. So we can connect to whomever shares the same passion.

The title ‘Such Great Heights’ is a song by ‘The Postal Service’. It reminded us of the great heights where coffee is being cultivated. Weird as it may sound, but we are pretty damn sure you know it when you hear it. It has been used in several tv-commercials over the years. Give it a listen, and get brewing!


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