Creamy. Fruity. Clean.
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A full body with notes of sweet raisin’s, a gooseberry acidity, and a dark chocolate lime zest aftertaste.

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Flavour profile

Gaspar Diaz Domingo is a first-generation coffee producer from the town of Concepcion Huista in Huehuetenango. The name of Gaspar’s farm, Tipoj, means “white sands” in Popti (the local indigenous language.) It’s inspired by the farm’s sandy white soil.

Our trader, Primavera specializes in Guatemalan coffees. Last year they set high expectations when they brought us El Aguacate and they didn’t disappoint this year. We instantly fell in love with Gaspar’s coffee. Tipoj is intensely sweet, its crisp and clean, but still has a full body. 

Look for sweet raisin’s, a gooseberry acidity, and a dark chocolate lime zest aftertaste.

The story – the farm

The people at Primavera are passionate about Guatemalan specialty coffees. They believe that investing in, and nurturing relationships with producers is the key to a great tasting cup. A vision that we share with them.

Gaspar Diaz Domingo on his collaboration with Primavera 

“We are a coffee growing family, focused on producing high quality coffee and caring for our environment from the beginning. The cooperative El Sendero, in collaboration with Primavera, helps us train ourselves to produce even better coffee and adapt to climate change”

Gaspar picks only the ripest cherries, which are then depulped and fermented for 36 hours. The coffee is washed, soaked in fresh water from the local spring for 12 hours, and dried on sun soaked patios for 6 full days.


  • Farm / Cooperative: Tipoj, El Sendero
  • Producer: Gaspar Diaz Domingo
  • Region: Huehuetenango
  • Town: Concepcion Huista
  • Varietal: Caturra and Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1500-1600m
  • Process: Washed, sundried on patio
  • Harvest Period: January- March

2 reviews for Tipoj

  1. L D (verified owner)

    I agree with the above and use a lower temperature too, and I really like this one so much I order it again which is a surprise because Ethiopian are my favourite. But I like this coffee for its surprising combination of flavours. It is hopefully not going out of stock any time soon!

  2. Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu (verified owner)

    Visually I was expecting a slightly lighter roast but with a extracion at 89C the coffee is great. Initially I had the temp set at 91C, definitely too high. Normally I use tap filtered (brita filter) tap water and I have also a brita taste filter in the water tank. I experimented with bottled still water, a great difference, more Mg, and better tasing water overall, helped extracting more from the coffee.
    I would say is a sign of a good coffee, delicate, when it is so sensible to subtle changes.
    I am an espresso drinker, but I think this coffee would work wonders in milk drinks, especially wit a milk with high fat percentage brought to that good temperature to make it super sweet.
    I also think a mixologist would have a great time playing with this coffee.
    Maybe it gos without saying but let it cool down a bit.

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