Subscription conditions

Cool that you like our coffee subscription! The coffee subscription is primarily for consumer purposes. We decide every month which coffee we choose for the subscription. We try to surprise you with a different new coffee each month, but it may occur that you will get a coffee you have had before. 

Subscriptions you only can pay with iDeal, SEPA Direct and PayPal payment method.

You can change or cancel anytime your subscription plan, by log-in to your account.

Subscription payments are taken of your account every 27th day of the month. Subscription orders will be freshly roasted and shipped to you on the first Friday of the month.

All prices in the shop are without shipping fee, unless otherwise stated. When you want to know what the shipping fee will be, make your order and go to the checkout page. Fill in the country where it needs to be shipped to and there you will find the shipping cost.