Get the delicious coffee, expert knowledge, and support you need to make your customers happy.

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Wholesale ordering

Delicious coffee

Fresh coffee, expertly roasted, and tailored to your customer’s tastes. Whether it’s served with lunch, dinner, or something sweet, KEEN coffee will elevate your customer’s experience.

The knowledge to succeed

We’ll help you plan and develop your coffee menu, show you how to make coffee profitable for your business, and share tips and tricks to optimize your bar for speed and efficiency.

Professional barista trainings

We provide regular onsite training for your staff to keep your baristas’ coffee game strong and help you train new hires.

More about our education-program

Keen wholesale includes

  1. Customized Training

    • Personalized to your business.
    • Basic training on espresso and milk foaming.
    • In depth training on equipment use.
  2. Setup

    • Coffee menu development.
    • Barista training for all drinks on your menu.
    • Consultation on:
      • Bar set-up
      • Marketing
      • Operations
      • Budgeting
      • Cost Control
      • Upselling
      • Customer Service
  3. Equipment

    • Help choosing and procuring the right equipment.
    • Huge discount on machinery.
    • Assistance with procuring the immense checklist of equipment that you need to run a coffee bar.
  4. Follow-ups

    • We check-in with you regularly to answer questions and provide support.
    • Whenever necessary, we’ll provide a refresher session.
  5. Continued Support

    • You’ll get an assessment and new, customized-training sessions every six months.
    • Basic to advanced coffee education at our Keen Campus for you and your staff.
  6. Keen Campus

    • At our roastery we host a series of trainings once a year called Keen Campus that are open to you and your staff.
    • You and your baristas will learn new coffee techniques, supplementary training, and network with other people in the coffee industry.
  7. Coffee Diplomas

    • Team Keen are all certified SCAE trainers.
    • We can provide training for diplomas in:
      Introduction into Coffee, Green Coffee, Roasting, Sensory and Barista Skills.

How We Work

We work directly with farmers, importers, and distributors as this is the best way we’ve found to ensure the highest level of quality for our coffees and to promote fair working conditions. The strong relationships we build with these experts around the world translates directly to the relationships you build with your customers over their delicious cup of coffee.

We practice fair and open communication with our partners. Because simple contracts and straightforward working agreements make life easier and more productive for both us and you.

Our goal is to forge long lasting relationships with our stockists because we believe in the power of growing together. From farm, to roaster, to you and your customer.

How We Train

Good training is essential for good coffee. After each initial training we provide follow up via phone, on site visits, and refresher trainings. We’ll check up on you to make sure things are running smoothly and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have via phone or email.

The trainings we provide are always customized to your specific business needs and, of course, we are certified SCA trainers so you can trust the quality of the information that you receive from our team.

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