Ethically sourced beans, freshly roasted in small batches, and delivered straight to your door

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Grow your coffee knowledge, and expand your palette with a rotating selection of our favourite seasonal coffees.


Waking up to an empty coffee bag is the worst. Protect your mornings with a regular subscription.


Roasted to order so you taste the optimal brightness and sweetness of each unique coffee.


Having a party and need more beans? Going on vacation and need to pause your subscription? Just log in to your account and let us know.


Every month you’ll get points to spend on the top-notch selection of coffee gear in our online store.


Brew a perfect cup with Rob and Bonne’s professional recipes, get the limited edition Keen Brew Guide free with your subscription.

From farm, to roaster, to your door step

How our beans reach your cup

  1. We start with relationships. We meet farmers and talk beans, processing, and roasting. These relationships help us find better coffees, empower growers, and support innovation.

  2. We select only the best beans. We use blind cuppings and a thorough, repeatable process to ensure that the coffees we share with you are the very best in their league.

  3. We roast to order and in small batches. Your beans are always freshly roasted and swiftly shipped. This preserves the beautiful flavour profiles of our coffees and your daily brew.

  4. We ship directly to your door. Our packages are designed to be slipped through your mailslot so that you never have to worry about being home on time for your delivery.

  5. We include detailed brew cards with your order. Our brew cards are based on our award winning recipes so you’ll have the knowledge you need to craft a perfect cup every time.

We ship on the first Friday of the month

Because we want you to get the freshest coffee possible, we roast on Thursday and ship on Friday.

We ship worldwide

Free shipping within the Netherlands!

We package our coffee to fit through your mail slot

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Free shipping within the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my coffee be shipped?

    Your coffee will ship on the 1st Thursday of the month. The optimal freshness to drink the coffee is approximately 14 days after roasting. In this period the beans degas properly and taste will be at its richest. From then on you can enjoy full flavored coffee for about 6 weeks.

  • I’m subscribing right now! When will my first bag of beans arrive?

    We know you want your coffee a.s.a.p., but we always ship subscriptions on the first Thursday of the month. If you can't wait that long, you can of course order ahead.

  • How does payment work?

    Subscription payments are withdrawn automatically via recurring payment. The recurring payment will be withdrawn on the 27th of the month. A one time payment of €1 will be withdrawn upon sign up. We accept Ideal, credit card, and PayPal.

  • How do I change my subscription?

    Click “Login” at the top right of your screen, to sign into your account and make any necessary adjustments.

  • What does shipping cost?

    Delivery is free within the Netherlands. Shipping outside of the Netherlands is as bellow: 250-500gram: EU from €8,50 Outside EU from €21,00 1kg: EU from €8,50 Outside EU from €24,00

  • Can I select two different coffees with the 500 gram subscription?

    Good question! With subscriptions, we select our favourite coffees of the month to send to you. If you’ve signed up for a 500 gram subscription then you’ll receive 500 grams of one coffee that we’ve chosen to highlight.