Ethically-sourced beans roasted so light and so fresh, you can taste the exact GPS coordinates they came from. 


Driven by our curiosity to explore more inspired flavours in a world of stale, over-roasted coffee, Keen Coffee sources the best of the best beans in season — straight from individual farmers who get paid fairly for sharing their treasure with us.

We small-batch roast each bean so light and so fresh,
you can taste the exact GPS coordinates it came from.


Whether you’re a café owner looking to elevate your customers’ coffee experience, a professional barista competing for the most unique flavour profiles on the planet, or someone who wants to give guests a maximum coffee ritual: join us in the quest to deliver the perfect cup.

Keen Coffee subscription

Protect your mornings!

Ethically sourced beans, freshly roasted in small batches, and delivered straight to your door, every month.

We are not travelling much, but ordering at Keen Coffee gives us a unique opportunity to dive into a totally different country, sip a delicious cup of coffee and envision the coffee place of the guest roaster!

We are really impressed by Keen’s naturally processed beans. Our mouths go wild, literally! 🙂 

Jevgenija Zaharcukova

Coffee bar owner in Jelgava Latvia, SIA AKADEMIA

The strong collaboration with Keen Coffee gives us the opportunity to select our own exclusive Cupp Coffee, so we can amaze our guest quartly with new flavours.

Keen Coffee supports us in the development of our coffee skills and is always in to innovate with new ideas and events to continuous surprise our guests.

Peter Braakman

Owner specialty coffee bar, Cupp

Our strong and friendly relationship with Keen started at the World Brewers Cup. With Keen I always know that they deliver amazing coffee. Not only high “out of the box” competition quality but on the sustainability aspect too.

But most important, it’s so nice to hang out with them. I love these guys.

Oleksii Fedorovskyi

Ukrain Brewers Champion ‘16 & ‘20, 3 Champs Roastery

Roasted fresh
every week

Seasonal coffees
selected with care

Ethically sourced
and processed

Always innovating,
never boring