For a small team like ours, buying coffee directly is an ambitious goal, but now, after 4 years of hard work, we’ve built three direct trade relationships. Our dream is to help elevate and strengthen every link in the coffee chain, and this dream starts with our own coffee. We choose direct trade as a way to ensure that farmers are treated fairly, and to make the coffee industry more equal. 

But, ethics are not the only reason we support direct trade. We believe that fostering strong relationships between farmer, buyer, and seller can take the quality of our coffees to the next level.

Jaguara, Brazil

The first coffee we ever bought was through direct trade. We bought it in 2015 from a young couple, Natalie and Andre, who wanted to switch over to the specialty coffee market. It was a great start for us and for the people of Fazenda, Jaguara where the coffee is from.

Natalie is a green coffee trader and Andre is a plant researcher, so their combined knowledge makes them uniquely qualified coffee farmers. They’re always innovating, improving, and experimenting, just like us!

A perfect match for Keen from the start.

El Diamante, Costa Rica

In 2015 Keen brought Esteban Villalobos’ El Diamante coffee to the World Brewers Cup in Copenhagen. Since that day, Esteban has continued to improve his anaerobic fermentation process through experimentation and innovation.

In 2018, we roasted Esteban’s coffee for Mathieu Theis, who brewed it to win 3rd place at the World Brewers Cup. We’re continuously working and innovating with Esteban, so keep an eye out for new coffees!

Intimpa, Peru

In 2019, we visited Peru and bought our first coffee in collaboration with Cultivar. Keen joined the future coffee collective of MVO Nederland to improve the quality of the coffee and the livelihood of its farmers. To make this a reality, we created a 5-year plan with Cultivar laying out exactly how we’re going to make a difference.

Our first plan is to install 10 drying beds for coffee farmers in Peru, complete with drying measurement tools, so that they can make some big steps forward in controlling their drying process.

Roasted fresh
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