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Can’t go wrong with a washed Ethiopia, right? So here’s our third of the year. After ‘Ayele Tulu’ & ‘Gogugu’, it’s time for Chelbesa. Grown in Yirgacheffe, Gedeb. As we know from most Ethiopian coffeelots, this is a harmonious merge of the work from 313 different small scale farmers living and working around the washing station. Its sweetness lies in the little secret where farmers wait a little longer than usual before harvesting. Consider this organic maestro as your new go-to coffee!

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Chelbesa – Nordic Approach – Keen Coffee


Chelbesa is the largest coffee growing area in the Gedeb region. It constantly produces some of our traders favorite coffee hailing from Ethiopian soil. (Nordic approach: Fruity without being too fruity!) In this region there are more than 600 smallholders actively working in their own little 0,5/2.0 hectare coffee plantation as a little ‘side-hustle’. Of which some are so dedicated, they have to walk for approx two hours to deliver the picked cherries to the washing station. Girum Assefa pays careful attention in managing the site and the processing of the coffee. Due to the highly fertile soil and good farming methods produced yields are larger than an average smallholder produces.

This washingstation has organic certification.


6°05’57.7″N 38°07’31.6″E


  • Washing Station: Chelbesa
  • Producer: 313 surrounding smallholders
  • Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeb
  • Varietal: Wolisho & kurume
  • Altitude: 1925 – 2110 m
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest Period: December – February
  • Flavour: Earl Grey, Lavender, Peach


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