Espresso Tasting Box – Washed

Different origins
Get a taste of Washed espressos


We like our coffee like we like our conscious: clean. That’s why we love washed coffees. After the success of the washed filter coffee box, we’d now like you to try to these washed espressos: El Encantazo from Colombia, Mahembe from Rwanda and Agua de Nieve from Peru.

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Flavour profile

The world of coffee is amazing, don’t you think? Even within the same continent, origin, altitude, varieties or processing, there are a great many things that set coffees apart from each other. We’ve decided to showcase these similarities and/or differences, by offering a trio of great coffees that will help you discover all that coffee has to offer.

Great coffee has a myriad of flavours that come from all sorts of factors, but one of the defining ones is the processing method used on the bean. Join us on a journey to taste several different coffees and see how the washing process impacted these lots! The mucilage covering the beans is rinsed off before drying them. This makes washed coffees very ‘clean’. You can actually taste the coffee itself – the origin, the variety, the terroir – instead of the impact of the processing method.

The story – the farm

First up: a Rwandan coffee from Mahembe washing station. Mahembe has a complex and elegant cup profile, with notes of brown sugar and a beautiful citrus acidity.

Next, Agua de Nieve from Peru. Expect to find a clean cup with a mellow acidity and notes of Lychee and Milk Chocolate.

And the last coffee in this tasting box? Our all-new El Encantazo from Colombia—red berry fruits and a light herbal aftertaste with a sparkling acidity that blew our socks off!


Check for all the details the product pages of the individual coffees.


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