Luz Helena

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This passion-fruit-infused coffee will make you miss summer a little bit less. Obviously, this coffee tastes of passion fruit. I mean, how could it not? But it doesn’t stop there! You will also find bright-pink notes of bubblegum (or should we say, bubble-yum?) and grenadine, which are the perfect accoutrements to the acidity of those prominent passion fruit notes. Luz Helena also ends on a sweet note, with fresh mango flavours and comforting apple cider goodness.

Since this coffee comes from a microlot, we can’t be sure if and when we’ll get our hands on the next batch, so make sure that you get it while you can!

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Luz Helena Salazar – Cofinet – Keen Coffee


As you well know, one of our favourite things is to mess around in our lab. That’s probably why we have a soft spot for producers who share our passion for experimentation. We have found a wonderfully kindred spirit in Luz Helena Salzar of the Finca Maracay farm in Colombia. Luz doesn’t only subject her beans to anaerobic fermentation, she also adds dehydrated passion fruit pulp into the mix, giving this microlot a sweet-and-sour complexity that will haunt our taste buds deep into the next year.


4°35’30.6″N 75°43’47.0″W


  • Farm: Finca Maracay
  • Producer: Luz Helena Salazar
  • Region: Quindío
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Altitude: 1,400m – 1,450m
  • Process: Anaerobic Fermentation & Passion-Fruit infused Harvest Period: April – July
  • Flavour: Passion fruit, bubblegum, grenadine, mango & apple cider


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