One kilo of amazing espressos – 4 x 250 gram

Different origins

Crazy. Delicious. Funky.


Try 4 x 250 gram of our great espressos! Be surprised by this special deal with all our espresso coffee.  

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Flavour profile

In this special deal you’ll find the Jaguara from Brasil, the newest direct trade Agua de Nieve, Peru, our beloved La Conchita from Colombia and of course all time favourite Ye Genet, Ethiopia.

Coffee up to 500g fits through your mail slot

We keep our packaging light which means inexpensive shipping that won’t interfere with your schedule.

We ship every Friday

Because we want you to get the freshest coffee possible, we roast every Thursday and ship on every Friday.

Order before 8:00 am Wednesday GMT+1 and your coffee will ship the same week.