Origami dripper + holder (S)


This is a dripper with bright colouring and vertical grooves which make it look like a folded ORIGAMI. The ribs (grooves) create a space between the dripper and the paper, making it easier for hot water to drain and extract. Plus, there is better control of extraction speed.

The Origami Dripper comes with special resin holder designed for both S and M sizes. It is designed to fit the groove of the dripper, making it possible to brew coffee more stably.

The resin holder of €11 is included in the set price.


Origami Dripper S (one to two cups)

  • Size S: 115 x 70
  • Material: porcelain
  • Heat-resistance temperature: 120C
  • Dishwasher/microwave/oven safe
  • Dripper holder: Diameter 120 × 15H Hole (top) Φ 55
  • Dripper holder material: AS resin

The resin holder (€11) is included in the set price.
Do not cool and heat rapidly. Rapid temperature changes may cause breakage.


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