We want a future with coffee in it. We try to think ahead, minimize waste, stop pollution, pay farmers fairly, and invest in community projects in the areas where our coffees are grown.


Our roastery is certified organic by SKAL.

We select green beans with attention to quality, taste, and our ecological footprint. We only work with farmers who operate in accordance with organic standards (not all certified).


Futureproof Coffee Collective

Keen has joined the Future Proof Coffee Collective to help us fund and support an initiative we started in Peru that will help build drying beds for farmers. This project is a long term commitment to improve the quality of life for these farmers, and the quality of their coffees. 

In this collective, coffee producers, exporters, importers, roasters and retailers work together to get the true costs for sustainable coffee production out in the open.

Honest trade

We believe in direct trade and honest relationships with farmers. 

It starts with coffee beans in their country of origin.  It starts with the farmer. Most farmers receive much less than those of us at later stages in the coffee chain. A lot less. We want to do better for these farmers. On average, we pay 2 to 5 times the going market prices for green coffee.

Minimize waste

We try to minimize waste where we can. We have a circular packaging system for our wholesale customers: we deliver our coffee in reusable containers and then pick-up the empty containers while we deliver new coffee.

We use 3 kg and 10 kg packages, and all of our packing materials are recyclable. Our to-go cups are biodegradable, and our coffee grounds are used as fertilizer for mushroom cultivation.

Save energy

At Keen, we roast on a Loring Smart Roaster. Yes, because it allows for precision, but also because it’s better for our planet. 

The Loring roasts a killer bean, and uses 83% less gas than the average roaster. We also choose to use green energy and natural gas.

True price of coffee

We work with The Futureproof Coffee Collective and their True Cost Accounting, system which helps map out both the costs and the value of sustainably produced coffee. 

This approach, developed with MVO Nederland, provides insight into the hidden environmental impact and the social costs in the coffee chain. It takes into account things like  disposable income, soil quality, biodiversity, CO2 and water use. Which, in turn, informs how we assess the value of the coffees we buy, and how those coffees are priced.

Yes it’s complicated, but we think protecting the future of coffee is totally worth it!

Roasted fresh
every week

Seasonal coffees
selected with care

Ethically sourced
and processed

Always innovating,
never boring