Brasil: Fazenda Jaguara, Direct Trade


Espresso roast.



Farm Technical Details


  • Farm/Cooperative/Label: Jaguara

  • Producer: Antônio Wander Garcia, André Luíz Garcia, Rubem Carlos Lima

  • Region: Campo das Vertentes

  • Varietal: Yellow Catuaí

  • Altitude: 960 – 1040m

  • Process: natural

  • Harvest period: July until September


Our first direct trade! And for good reasons, because this is the best Brazilian coffee we’ve had so far. We visited this farm in 2015, apparently quite an accomplishment according to the owners, because it is so hard to reach. It took us some time to get there using GPS, but we made it!

After our visit we received samples just when we started with the first ideas for Keen Coffee. During cupping we knew right away this was a winner, a typical nutty Brasil, but never did we have such a nice and pleasant acidity to the side, yum!

The Jaguara farm started with three friends in 2001, when they planted the first coffee trees in Campo das Vertentes region. The name of the farm originates from an important Quilombola community, named Jaguara. It is situated next to Sao Joao del Rei, a very important historic town in the colonization of Brazil. It’s famous for it’s gold extraction and never had a tradition in coffee culture.

Due to the cold weather in Campo das Vertentes, the maturation of the coffee is late and slower, which brings more sweetness to the coffee and improves the quality.

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