Jaguara Anaerobic

Complex • Rich • Comforting
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Look who’s back… A new experimental approach on our most beloved coffee out there! And instead of its classic natural processing this has undergone an 80 hours anaerobic ‘barrel-fermentation’. A very comforting, rich yet complex cup. With Jaguara they have already proven that their work will change your perspective on Brazilian coffees. But get ready to find out how a special microlot from their hands will leave you speechless.

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Garcia Family – Keen


In case you didn’t know, We have been trading coffees directly with the Jaguara estate for as long as our existence in the coffee roasting industry. We’re very happy that we’ve found such a great partner in the Garcia family. We visit their farm, they visit our roastery, working on a long lasting and sustainable relationship for both parties. They fulfill our needs, we help to fulfill theirs where we are able to!

This specific anaerobic from their farm significantly stood out during the annual ‘Jaguara fresh lots’ cupping last year. The whole team agreed on the fact that this coffee had to get in the container from Brazil to Utrecht! We were mesmerized by the bursting palette of this coffee. Super complex and super comfortable at the same time. A rich flavour combination of cherry, dark chocolate, kiwi, sweet lime, dates & orange.

Thank you André, Nathalia & team Jaguara for always doing the best job you can, so we can continue to do ours.



21°16’59.4″S 44°29’28.9″W


  • Farm: Fazenda Jaguara
  • Producer: Garcia Family
  • Region: Campo das Vertentes
  • Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1,050m
  • Process: Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Harvest Period: July – September
  • Flavour: cherry, dark chocolate, kiwi, sweet lime, dates, orange

This Coffee was featured in our explore subscription and therefore we provide a guideline on how we like to brew it. Don’t forget, it’s a guideline, a starting point. There’s no wrong or right! Too slow? grind courser. Too fast? grind finer…
A great espresso that works superb with milk based beverages as well. Enjoy!
– 19.5 grams of ground coffee
– 45 ML shot
– 30 seconds

1 review for Jaguara Anaerobic

  1. tomasmampuys

    Verrassend fruitig en gefermenteerde smaak voor een koffie uit Brazilië.

    Maar wel met een mooie body en lage aciditeit.


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