Jaguara Anaerobic

Sweet • Comfortable • Complex


This coffee tastes like somebody took your favourite comfy position and somehow made it into a beverage. As if that isn’t complex enough, it also tastes of nougat, coconut and black cherry. Jaguara Anaerobic is the result of the fermentation experimentation of our direct trade partner, the Garcia family from Brazil.

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Flavour profile

Do you know how some chairs have intricate designs with seemingly weird places to put your limbs? And how when you try them out they’re comfy as heck? That’s how it is with this Jaguara Anaerobic; it’s as complex as it’s comfortable.

The complexity comes from the chewy notes of nougat, a hearty coconut flavour and a black cherry aroma that will blow your socks off. What makes this coffee taste like somebody took your favourite comfy position and somehow made it into a beverage, however, are the irresistible notes of cookie dough, topped off with the tangy sweetness of cherry bonbons. To honour the wonderful weirdness of this bean, we put the image of an equally wonderfully weird icon, Salvador Dalí, on the bags

The story – the farm

We have been directly trading with the Jaguara farm in Brazil for 6 years now and we’re so very happy that we’ve found such a great partner in the Garcia family. One of the reasons that we mesh so well is the fact that we’re both very much into experimenting. The Garcias have taken it upon themselves to change the Brazilian coffee game, one experiment at a time. A couple of years back, his farm produced a wonderful peaberry coffee that we still think about from time to time and last year, they made a delectable sugar cane coffee that we just couldn’t get enough of.

Fast forward to this year, where they started experimenting with anaerobic fermentation, which resulted in the wonderfully weird bean that’s in front of you today. The Garcia family accomplishes this funky fermentation situation by first drying the beans on patios for 10 days and then on African beds for another 20 days. After being completely dehydrated, the beans are chucked into an airtight tank to achieve that good funk.
We’re very excited about receiving such a high-quality bean with such a complex flavour profile from Brazil. We are mesmerised by it, it’s simply *chef’s kiss*..


  • Farm: Fazenda Jaguara
  • Producer: Garcia Family
  • Region: Campo das Vertentes
  • Varietal: Yellow Catuai
  • Altitude: 1,050m
  • Process: Anaerobic fermentation
  • Harvest Period: July – September
  • Flavour: Nougat, coconut, black cherry, cookie dough & cherry bonbons


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