The world of coffee is amazing, don’t you think? Even within the same continent, origin, altitude, varieties or processing, there are a great many things that set coffees apart from each other.

We’ve decided to showcase these similarities and/or differences, by offering a trio of great coffees that will help you discover all that coffee has to offer.

The Summer of ’21 – Filter Coffee

The summer is magic! Or at least, it will be, with our brand-new Summer Vibez Tasting Box. Due to COVID, lots of people have to stay home for the holidays. (Calling it a staycation does not make it a vacation, people!) That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, however. Staying home means making your own coffee, after all… So, to make your “staycation” as pleasurable as possible, we threw together a little something to create a tasting tour around the world. This way, at least your tastebuds will get to enjoy a little vacay this summer 🙂

We selected three of our summer faves: Mahembe from Rwanda, Kenyan Kianjiru and Jaguara Peaberry from Brazil. 

Mahembe – This wonderful, washed coffee plays nice with everyone, because of its sunny, fruity flavours and strong finish. 

Kianjiru – These beans have a smooth, juicy body and fresh tonic-y vibe, which reminded us of summer staple, gin & tonic.
Jaguara Peaberry – Expect to find a super sweet and juicy cup. The sparkling orange and maple syrup reminded us of Fanta!


Espresso Tasting Box – Washed

We like our coffee like we like our conscious: clean. That’s why we love washed coffees. After the success of the washed filter coffee box, we’d now like you to try to these washed espressos: El Encantazo from Colombia, Mahembe from Rwanda and Agua de Nieve from Peru.

Join us on a journey to taste several different coffees and see how the washing process impacted these lots! The mucilage covering the beans is rinsed off before drying them. This makes washed coffees very ‘clean’. You can actually taste the coffee itself – the origin, the variety, the terroir – instead of the impact of the processing method.

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