The world of coffee is amazing, don’t you think? Even within the same continent, origin, altitude, varieties or processing, there are a great many things that set coffees apart from each other.

We’ve decided to showcase these similarities and/or differences, by offering a trio of great coffees that will help you discover all that coffee has to offer.

The Africa Box – Espresso

Is there any other coffee related place like Africa? From coffee plants thriving in the wild and in climates that promote growth at high elevations, all the way to your home and into your cup, amazing your palate with its wonderful acidity and intense sweetness.

In this selection, you’ll find coffees roasted for espresso from Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. From Ethiopia: Wolichu Wachu, with a classic natural Guji profile: fruity flavours, bergamot aroma and a lemonade-like acidity. In contrast: Rwanda, with a delicious hoppy flavour that pairs perfectly with the blueberry note. And finally, a Burundi that brings the sweetness of exotic fruits and a jammy, thick body.

The Washed Box – Filter Coffee

Ripe coffee cherries are stripped from their fruit using a depulper and placed in a fermentation tank to ferment for 12-48 hours. Afterwards, they’re washed to remove the remaining mucilage and dried, creating a clean cup with a bright acidity and sparkling liveliness. Washed coffees are such a treat!

We have specially selected three washed filter coffees from Ecuador, Ethiopia and Rwanda.While they share the processing method, the variation in origin will allow you to compare the differences. Mitad del Mundo from Ecuador has a fruity mandarin flavour and a hint of dried fruits. Wibeti from Ethiopia is also fruity, but more tea-like with a floral aftertaste. And then there’s Mahembe from Rwanda with its intense sweetness that reminds us of ripe blueberries.

El Diamante Box – Specials

 Anaerobic fermentation is a well-known process nowadays. The El Diamante that Esteban Villalobos created was one of the first to undergo this fermentation process back in 2015.

This year, we’ve selected a couple of anaerobically fermented coffees from Esteban. While all of them were fermented in the same way, the variety, terroir and elevation where the cherries were grown are different, making it a perfect selection to show you exactly what Esteban’s anaerobic process is all about!

The box contains: El Diamante Danilo with a fruity taste profile like apple juice. El Diamante Geisha with fresh, sweet stonefruit lemonade flavour notes. L13, a hybrid variety that Rob first tasted on the new plantations of Danilo.

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