The world of coffee is amazing, don’t you think? Even within the same continent, origin, altitude, varieties or processing, there are a great many things that set coffees apart from each other.

We’ve decided to showcase these similarities and/or differences, by offering a trio of great coffees that will help you discover all that coffee has to offer.

Power to the Press  – AeroPress Box

We miss coffee events and our friends in the specialty coffee community. One of the events we miss most is the Dutch AeroPress Championship. So we figured, we’ll just bring a bit of the DAC to you with this unique, custom AeroPress Box. With a great coffee, a beer, a limited edition “Power to the Press” poster (A2), a sticker and a beer skimmer!

We hope to get everyone excited to share recipes and practice at home with the coffee we selected for this year. And with the power of the community we want to help Yonal and Imelda, by donating €4 for every box sold to El Laurel. With this money, Yonal will invest in fermentation tanks and equipment for his drying beds.


What’s in the box?

  • A bag of a kickass microlot coffee from Yonal and Imelda from the El Laurel farm in Colonsay, Peru. El Laurel is situated 1800 meters above sea level, making for a wonderfully sweet and juicy coffee with some delicious berry flavours
  • An A2-size riso print poster specially designed by illustrator Robert-Jan Lechner
  • A custom beer skimmer that can be used for stirring your coffee or skimming your beer. Win-Win, and a must-have during any AeroPress Championship (real or at home)
  • A New England IPA specialty beer from Eleven Brewery
  • A cool sticker and some awesome goodies from our sponsors

The Varieties Box – Filter Coffee

Great coffee has a myriad of flavours that come from all sorts of factors, but one of the defining ones is the variety of bean. Join us on a journey to taste several different varieties and see what makes them unique.

Our first coffee is of a Peaberry variety (Jaguara Peaberry), which is a natural mutation in which only one bean grows in the coffee cherry, instead of the regular two. These peaberries typically have a brighter acidity, a complex aroma and somewhat lighter body. Our next coffee? Bourbon variety (Wolichu Wachu); a balanced variety with a full body that thrives in dry harvest climates, such as Ethiopia where this particular coffee comes from. And last, but certainly not least, a Pacamara variety (Divisadero) – known for its complex and intense aromas, heavy sweetness and medium to dense bodies with super creamy textures.

The Latin America Box – Espresso

Our espresso box will take you to Latin America – a region from which coffees generally have flavour descriptors like chocolate, nuts and caramel with a mild acidity. However, we decided to go a little outside the box with flavours and show you everything this wonderful continent has to offer. Praline, caramel, plums, mandarin and lychees are a few of the flavours you’ll find in this box.

Our journey starts in Brazil, where our direct trading partner Jaguara resides; expect those traditional flavours with a twist. Caramel, sweet and smooth praline and orange to be found in your cup! Next up, we’re venturing deeper into citrus territory with our Mitad del Mundo from Ecuador, where an abundance of mandarin, but also plums and sugarcane can be found. Our final coffee takes us to the highlands of Peru, where our direct trade Agua de Nieve will show you exactly how versatile coffee can taste; milk chocolate, lychee and red grapes. Yum-my.

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