Saint Anthony Phoenix 70 Brewer


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“St. Anthony industries was started by the Bombeck brothers and Mr. Watts in July of 2014. They are coffee industry veterans.  The focus is simplicity, ease-of-use, and excellence in design. The Brothers of St. Anthony have taken their years of experience as coffee professionals and designers and have begun a new adventure to build tangible solutions for the world’s finest baristas and coffee enthusiasts.”

Keen Coffee is proud to cooperate with St. Anthony.

Phoenix 70

The cleanest cup you’ve ever had! The Phoenix70 is a beautiful and minimalistic designed pour-over method. With a 70 degree cone shape it’s brew column is 33 percent taller then the average cone shape method. The paper filter folds into a double walled cone, and is supported by only 2 rings, this way it ensures a stable and continuous flow rate.

All together, you will achieve a higher extraction and enhance cup clarity. More flavor, more balance, excellent craftsmanship from Salt Lake City.

Heights Matters

In a average 24 gram coffee brew with a standard 60 degree cone shape, the dry brew column is 2.25 inches tall. In a average 24 gram coffee brew with a 70 degree cone shape, the dry brew column is 3 inches tall. The 70 degree brew column is 33 percent taller causing the brew water to travel further through the brew column. Therefore, by increasing the height of the brew column you are increasing the water to coffee contact.  All else constant, increasing the water to coffee contact results in more extraction of coffee solubles.

Secondly, the brew column serves as a filter. As the water moves through it, coffee matter are carried downward. Most of the non soluble matter are eventually trapped within the column, therefore acting as the primary filtering mechanism for the brew. The taller the brew column, the more non soluble coffee matter will stay in the brew column,  resulting in higher cup clarity.

In short, a taller brew column can help achieve higher extraction yields of coffee solubles and enhance cup clarity.

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