The Feldgrind




  • burrs: 38mm (nerost burrset – case hardened ceramic steel)
  • weight: 600grams
  • capacity: around 35grams (depending beansize & roastprofile)
  • material: black anodized aluminium
  • Grindsadjustments: stepless numbered dumb wheel
  • Grindsettings: From Espresso to French Press. So everything!
  • Version 1.2

The feldgrind, Made By Knock from Scotland.

For us this is the best portable handgrinder on the market, for at home or away.

The metal feldgrind comes with a 38mm steel burr set.

After lot of testing here at the Keen Roastery, we found it matching with the high quality and consistency of the best commercial electric grinders.

The adjustment of the grindsettings is easily done with a stepless wheel on top of the grinder. Clearly visible on the crank arm, the numbers help you to repeat the grindsetting of your choosing for each brewmethod.

Weighing only 600 grams, plus the capability to dissemble the crankarm (and retain it between the black rubberband) we believe this is the best portable grinder on the market.

So if you’re a professional barista or a coffee lover, this solid build grinder is your new travel companion for many years to come.

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