Ethically-sourced beans roasted so light and so fresh, you can taste the exact GPS coordinates they came from. 

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One of the things we love to do most is exploring. Exploring new flavours, coffees, cafés, what have you. That’s why we came up with something new for you guys: The Barista Explore subscription! With this subscription, you’ll receive a new coffee to feed to your grinder each month. In addition to feeding your grinder, you’ll be able to treat your guests to something new and exciting, and challenge your co-baristas with new flavours. With the subscription, you’ll get 1 kilo of espresso and 500 grams of filter coffee for €40 ex VAT. Or you can just choose a kilogram (or more) of the roast type you want. 

We promise that you will get different delicious coffees every month. We try to surprise you with a mix of our seasonal coffees from different origins, processing methods and varieties. So you can explore  flavours, body and acidity. Every month you’ll be invited to learn even more about the coffee you’ll be drinking, we will tell you all about why we chose the specific coffee, its origin, processing, variety and its tasting notes.

And we would love to hear your feedback and know how you would score the coffees.

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Grow your coffee knowledge, and expand your palette with a rotating selection of our favourite seasonal coffees.


Every month a new fresh roasted amazing tasting specialty coffee to explore. Getting to know more about coffee never been this easy. 


Roasted to order so you taste the optimal brightness and sweetness of each unique coffee.


Trying another roaster? Going on vacation? Or to much coffee on stock? Just log in to your account and pause or cancel your subscription. No worries! 


You’ll help us help improve the coffee market. We pay fair prices and help farmers improve their quality.


Brew a perfect cup and share us your experience. You would help us a great deal with your feedback and suggestions!

Roasted fresh
every week

Seasonal coffees
selected with care

Ethically sourced
and processed

Always innovating,
never boring