At Keen Coffee we love being part of the specialty coffee community.

That’s why we’re so excited to host this year’s

Dutch Aeropress Championship 2021


All the lucky ones who have a ticket; see you at Bar Bolsjewiek. We are looking foward to have a great evening with everybody.

Register is closed

All the 48 slots for this years competition are filled. We are looking foward to all the amazing recipes. 



This year the World Aeropress Championship changed a lot of the ground rules, read them carefully

The Official Dutch Aeropress Coffee

In collabration with a coffee sponsor Nordic Approach we have selected a powerful specialty bean from the Masaguara municipality in Honduras: El Picacho. El Picacho is a washed bean with a fruity and juicy flavour profile. You’ll be surprised by the complex combination of flavours, such as red apple and dark chocolate.

This year’s Illusatrator


Hi, i’m Ellis Tolsma (1997), a freelance illustrator and visual artist from the Netherlands. I often work with a lot of color and a bit of a retro-vibe. I love working with a risoprinter, a little bit more old-fashioned print technique. I think it’s important to keep reimagining my own creative process and to keep trying out new things.


Location – the venue

We are very happy that we can host this years edition at:


The will definetly bring a smile on your face with the amazing drinks and food the serve during the night.

The Sponsors

Without these amazing companies this years DAC wasn’t possible

Roasted fresh
every week

Seasonal coffees
selected with care

Ethically sourced
and processed

Always innovating,
never boring