At Keen Coffee we love being part of the specialty coffee community. That’s why we’re so excited to host this year’s edition again! 

Who will make the best AeroPress recipe this year and will represent The Netherlands at the World Championships?

It could be you! 


16PM:       Competitors briefing
17PM:       Huge cupping hosted by Typica (18 roasters)
21:30PM:  Party! With DJ Boas Hopma

Oatly will entertain you, and Brita will capture this moments! 

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The foodtickets are not available anymore. If you still like to eat at the event, you could make an reservation at the LE:EN restaurant.

If you have a foodticket: Food will be served between 17:45 and 18:15! 

If you don’t want a meal or you just can’t get there in time, just order the regular Visitor ticket (€5) instead. But please note that there will be no food included and no meals available at the event if you don’t have the food ticket.

This years venue – NE:EL at LE:EN


This year we will host the DAC at LE:EN! LE:EN is an Asian restaurant which is located close to the city centre of Utrecht! The championship will be at their event space called NE:EL at the same address. LE:EN will be serving us their delicious curry (but you’ll need to buy the food ticket in advance)!

Address: Heuveloord 140, 3523 CK, Utrecht

Train: Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn trainstation is located just around the corner! It’s only a 2 minute walk from here. 
Car: There’s ample parking availability at the trainstation parking or just in the streets around the venue. 

Whats on?

The Dutch AeroPress Championship of course! The first round consist of 12 heats of 4 competitors whose winners will proceed to the four semi-finals. These winners will battle in the final to determine the absolute best recipe brewer of 2022! 

The best three will get the bronze, silver and gold AeroPress and win a professional Acaia scale. The winner will be send of to the World AeroPress Championship at our expense! 

a HUGE Cupping
At 17:00 we start the event with a cupping, including all your coffees you wanted others to taste! 

Oatly Surprise
As one of the main sponsors Oatly will be there with an entertaining side event. It’s still a surprise, but they promised it will surely be memorable!


All night you can dance to the tunes of the DAC house DJ, who will get extra loose when the competition is over. We’ll PARTY and dance the night away (or the beginning at least) until 01:00 o’clock.


A chance to Win!
You too can get lucky and win a high end profi ACAIA scale! There’s a Brita photobooth so that you and your friends can take some gram-worthy pics. Our sponsors will have some other surprises there too! (Like you can get a free issue of KoffieTCacao magazine here..)

The Artwork and the Artist – Studio Björn

Every year we look for an new cool upcoming artist to design the DAC artwork and the poster. This year we found Björn van Ginkel (1991) a freelance illustrator whose style is best described as bold and elegant line-work in combination with striking colour palettes.

He gets his inspiration from 60’s artwork and mostly retro sci-fi movies. His latest work feels more dreamy and surreal. It explores the world of fantasy. A rule of thumb for him is that his work should look good on an album cover.

Well thank you Björn! We think you succeeded amazingly at that with the new DAC 2022 poster!


The Sponsors

Without these amazing companies this years DAC wasn’t possible


A nice ritual, a way of life: coffee has been a delicacy for a decate. A cup of coffee consists of about 98 percent water. That is a lot, especially when you consider that water largely determines the taste. Coffee connaisseurs know that fresh coffee is best brewed with fresh filtered water.



TYPICA is a community nurtured by coffee producers, roasters, consumers, and all coffee lovers around the world. Enjoying the natural taste of coffee is a way to enhance the sustainability of quality coffee.Enjoy the sweetness and fruitiness of fresh coffee cherries as well as the diverse flavors of coffee.


Our goal is to always deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. We promise that our drive to help people enhance their lives and contribute to the long-term future of the planet will always come before the reckless pursuit of profit.

Roasted fresh
every week

Seasonal coffees
selected with care

Ethically sourced
and processed

Always innovating,
never boring