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At Keen Coffee we love being part of the specialty coffee community. That’s why we’re so excited to host this year’s

Dutch AeroPress Championship. 

At the 12th of October lot’s of people cheered, learned and celebrated the new winner of this years DAC, Wendelien van Bunnik-Verver. Check here recipe down below.

This years World AeroPress Competition wille be held at 24th of November in London, where Wendelien will compete against 59 other champions. This year will be highly competitive, with some of the best talents in specialty coffee. 

Good luck in London Wendelien!

Wendelien's 10 steps winning recipe

1. Use the AeroPress inverted. Use 30gr of coffee. Grind Coarse
2. Rinse 2 AeropPress paper filters in the AeroPress Cap
3. Boil water to 98 celsius. Brewing temperature will be around 92 C
4. Pour 100gr of Water (Spa Blauw)
5. Stir 20 times in 10 seconds
6. Wait 1 min. Flip and Press
7. Then you have 60 grams of brewed coffee
8. Dilute with 120gr of boiled water from your kettle
9. Cool it down till around 55-60 celsius
10.Sweet sweet Kenya baby

DAC official coffee- Kenya Ndaroini

Competition Rules and Requirements

Please read the rules carefully before you register.

Winner wins a return trip to the W.A.C In London, United Kindom.

Dutch Aeropress Competition Rules

Official DAC coffee 2019

This year’s official championship coffee is a beautiful Kenya from Dutch specialty trader, Trabocca.

Read more about the coffee and Trabocca

WAC 2019

On Sunday November 24th, AeroPress is bringing the world’s best coffee brewers to Bethnal Green, East London.

Read about the WAC Competition and its founders Tim & Tim

World Aeropress Championship

This years sponsors

Our sponsors make the Dutch AeroPress Championship possible. A big thank you to:

Brita, Oatly, Trabocca, Dutch Coffee Pack, La Marzocco NL and De Pomp

De Pomp is sponsoring the venue


We love this year’s poster! The artwork is by Joost Stokhof, famous for his unique illustration style.

Learn a little more about Joost Stokhof

Joost Stokhof

AeroPress Gear

You can buy the official Dutch AeroPress Championship coffee, and everything you need to brew it like a pro, in our shop.

Shop championship gear

Impression of this years Event

Jelle Maarten de Vries shot amazing photos during this years event

Photos of DAC 2019