Passion, openness, enthusiasm, and knowledge for coffee unites us all

Keen sprang out of our desire to share knowledge about coffee and grow the coffee community. Our name is a celebration of this love of knowledge. Keen education is a space, both online and off, where you can learn about coffee in all its forms and work together to take our craft to the next level. Here, you’ll find tutorials, training information, and so much more.

Certificate trainings

Customized, professional trainings from AST qualified trainers help at our beautiful Keen campus.

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Keen Brew Guide

From Mokapot, to Aeropress, to V60 the Keen Brew Guide has got you covered.

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keen coffee brew guides


Check out our competition schedule and learn more about why competition is an essential part of our philosophy.

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Our training facilities

Learn more about Keen campus, the tools we use, and the trainings we offer.

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Coffee processing methods

Learn about the different methods used to process coffee and these methods affect the flavour profile of the coffee you brew.

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Coffee tasting with Keen

We think it’s nice to taste with other people to share your experience and learn from each other.
So, how do you get the most out of a coffee tasting