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We love our experimental coffees and Ethiopian Dimtu is no exception! Our new ‘special’ Dimtu hits you with funky kombucha notes and then you’ll find some lavender and strawberry notes. Dimtu finishes soft yet dynamic with fresh notes of apple cider, melon and peach. All in all, a balanced cup with a fresh and vibrant flavour profile.

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Dimtu | Sakicha Station – Nordic Approach – Keen Coffee


There’s nothing that we love more than messing around in our lab and experimenting with different flavours, roasting methods, etc. That’s why we love collaborating with the Sakicha washing station of the Guji region in Ethiopia: Asnake Kasa, the washing station’s proprietor, dabbles in fermentation experimentation. What he does is wrap the fresh cherries up nice and tight in a plastic sheet and let them ferment for a while. He also knows how to make the high altitude and weather conditions work together to create the perfect bean you have before you today. Enjoy!


9°49’00.0″N 37°04’60.0″E


  • Washing Station: Sakicha Station
  • Producer: Asnake Kasa
  • Region: Bule Hora, West Guji
  • Varietal: 74110, 74112
  • Altitude: 2020
  • Process: Pile Up
  • Harvest Period: January
  • Flavor: Kombucha, Lavender, Strawberry, Apple cider, Melon, Peach

1 review for Dimtu

  1. xanderk0404 (verified owner)

    And yet another fantastic tasteful coffee roasted by Keen. Blows away many others.

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