El Diamante Maria – Espresso (3th WBC 2018)

Costa Rica
Spicy. Fruity. Sweet.
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The unique natural anaerobic fermentation process, used to create this coffee, is intriguing and complex. It comes with tones of cinnamon, sweet pastry and red apple. It tastes like (and goes great with) apple pie!

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Flavour profile

This coffee is produced on the farm of Maria Brenes, located atop a mountain ridge in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. It was created by our dear friend Esteban (whose coffee took us to the stage at the World Brewers Cup!) Esteban’s anaerobic fermentation process, used to create this coffee, is intriguing and complex. He mixes the whole cherries with extra mucilage, then
ferments it for just under 20 hours in an airtight tank. He’s also been tweaking his method by controlling the drying phase with a drying machine.

This results in a clean, but very expressive cup. It comes with tones of cinnamon, sweet pastry, red apple, brown sugar, cacao nibs, cardamom, red grape and lime. The combination of flavor notes reminds us of apple pie and (for the Dutchies) ‘sugarbread’! Mathieu Theis won 3rd place at the WBC’18 with this amazing coffee!

The story – the farm

Maria Brenes’ family has been involved in coffee for several years so basically coffee represents a family Legacy.

Maria is very passionate and totally committed to producing excellent coffee. She grows mainly caturra, red and catuaí but she is looking forward to renovate her farm with the best varieties available in terms of quality and productivity. This farm has excellent conditions of soil, altitude and climate which make it ideal for coffee growing. In Tarrazu the relative humidity is low, which gives the option to let the coffee ripe for longer periods of time until it looks purple so the amount of sugars (Brix) is the highest possible to obtain. Maria is very strict about doing a very nice and selective picking to obtain the best quality.


  • Farm: La Casa
  • Farmer: Maria Brenes
  • Producer: Esteban Villalobos
  • Region: La Ortiga, Tarrazu
  • Varietal: Caturra & Catuai
  • Altitude: 1800
  • Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Harvest period: January/February

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