El Encantazo

Sweet. Fruity. Fresh.


This sweet, complex coffee with its strong body is filled with sweet and tangy notes. It hails from El Encanto, a farm where roaster Juan Saldarriaga and his dad like to kick back and enjoy the views and tranquility.

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Flavour profile

This rich-tasting coffee is filled with sweet notes and has a complex aftertaste. You’ll first notice the syrupy thickness of this lovely cup. Sweet flavours like nougat and peach will coat the inside of your mouth. Then, a light acidity from cranberry and orange will give your palate a little ‘twang’, before giving way to more round flavours, such as red apple and raisins. All in all, this is the perfect cup to enjoy when you deserve a treat.

The story – the farm

A young producer who took over his family’s farms in 2012, Juan Saldarriaga began planting several different and new cultivars, ranging from Castillo and Caturra to Tabi and Geisha. All in an effort to figure out how each variety performs in the environment and how to increase the production of the varieties that thrive. Not only that, but Juan has also built several different types of drying facilities, changed the processing methods and started to manage several more farms in the area!

El Encanto is one of Juan’s two farms and it happens to be his father’s favourite—a place where they like to retreat from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the inspiring views and tranquility.


  • Farm: El Encanto
  • Producer: Juan Saldarriaga
  • Region: Antioquia, Ciudad Bolivar
  • Varietal: Caturra, Tabi, Colombia, Castillo
  • Altitude: 1,600m – 1,800m
  • Process: Fully washed
  • Harvest Period: May – July
  • Flavours: Nougat, peach, raisin,orange, cranberry, red apple


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