El Diamante Geisha – DBC ’22

Costa Rica
Complex. Pastry. Floral.


Gingerbread, jasmin and mango are the main flavours you’ll find in this amazing Geisha, rounded off with black tea, vanilla and a handful of floral notes. This super complex coffee hits all the notes on the flavour wheel like Mariah Carey! This lot is cultivated by (and named for) coffee-”newcomer” Roberto Leiva and fermented El Diamante-stylez.

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Flavour profile

Imagine a cup of coffee that’s larping as a cup of tea. That’s what Roberto Leiva’s Geisha tastes like. First, you’ll notice the light, tea-like flavour notes of jasmin, gingerbread and mango. And then, while your tongue is still figuring out what just happened, Roberto does a costume change and hits you with vanilla and lime flavours, making it seem that you ordered a side of key lime pie with your cup of coffee.

Yum! Roberto’s larping adventure ends with him slipping into something more comfortable for the grand finale. Something floral and cinnamonny to keep your belly warm and full until you can get your hands on your next cup of El Diamante Geisha.

The story – the farm

Roberto Leiva is named after the farmer that cultivated this lot and who owns a farm – Hacienda La Florida – right next to one of the biggest forests of Costa Rica. Roberto is fairly new to the coffee game, he only started growing coffee some 12 years ago, as a side hustle for his main activity – cultivating strawberries and avocados. After harvesting his cheeky cherries, he sends them to a washing station that is near and dear to our hearts: Cafe de Altura de San Ramon.

This washing station is known for its innovative way of fermenting coffee beans El Diamante stylez, which gives them a one-of-a-kind flavour profile. The owner of this washing station, Esteban Villalobos, ferments his beans anaerobically. This means that the cherries (which he uses whole) are put in an airtight fermentation tank for 24 hours. But he doesn’t stop there. He actually adds mucilage from other coffee beans (which he stores in a freezer and sorts by varietal and flavour notes) to the tank as well, creating an out-of-this-world flavour profile. During fermentation, Esteban checks the beans’ pH frequently and agitates (moves) them around to make sure they’re perfect when they come out. Then, when the beans are finally dried (in a solar-powered pasta-drying machine!) and husked, Esteban uses a green coffee sorter, which uses a camera to distinguish the bad beans from the good ones. This makes all coffees from this washing station clean as a whistle.


  • Farm: Hacienda La Florida
  • Farmer: Roberto Leiva
  • Producer: Esteban Villalobos
  • Region: Copey la Dota (Tarrazu)
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Altitude: 2,000m
  • Process: Natural Anaerobic
  • Harvest Period: January – February
  • Flavour: Jasmin, gingerbread, mango, black tea, vanilla, lime, floral & cinnamon


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