El Diamante Geisha

Costa Rica
Complex • Floral • Spices


Esteban’s Diamante geisha’s always seem to amaze us. Prepare for another round of cinnamon flavours unlike any other coffee adventure out there. It’s proven that this delicate cinnamon aroma is not artificial, neither is it infused in processing. What is it? Until the day of today it feels like a mindf*ck. Obviously it’s there, where does it come from? – We’ve lost count of how many consecutive years we are fortunate to roast a coffee like this which never disappoints.

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After his visit at the Keen HQ last summer, Esteban reached out to us that he got his hands on another exceptional geisha lot. This time it was farmed by Esnider Rodriguez. Needless to say we were on the tip of our chairs, excited to taste what notes would unfold this time. Besides Cinnamon we found flavours of Peach, Red Apple, Cane sugar, Lime, and Sweet Pastry. Esnider, who took over the farm from his dad, renovated the farm in 2014, after which he started cultivating varieties that are recognized for their excellent cup. (such as Geisha, San Roque and Pacamara). This coffee undergoes ‘Anaerobic diamante fermentation’ in airtight tanks for 40 hours, after which it gets naturally dried on raised African beds. For those who don’t know the connection between us and Esteban: He feels like one of our ‘day-one’ partners when it comes to direct trades, we lost count on how many different varieties we’ve roasted by this legend, we competed world brewers cup finals with one of his geisha’s and even have a secret surprise for you from his hand later this year, stay tuned!

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Cafe de Altura – Keen Coffee


9°38’54.5″N 83°54’54.1″W


    • Producer: Esteban Villalobos
      Region: West Valley, Lourdes de Naranjo community
      Farmer: Esnider Rodriguez
      Varietal: Geisha
      Altitude: 1600 masl
      Process: Diamante Natural Anaerobic
      Harvest Period: January – February
      Flavour: Cinnamon, Peach, Red Apple, Cane sugar, Lime, Sweet Pastry


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