Los Pirineos

El Salvador
Subtle Sweet • Elegant Body • Tropical


Here we go, Fresh El Salvador by Diego Baraona. Introducing you to this elegant ‘Pacamara’ varietal grown at ‘Los Pirineos,’ a farm known for its impeccable processing methods. It’s the second time we are roasting coffee that’s been grown on this farm, and it only gets better! This black honey-processed coffee will help you through any day. Expect a subtle yet tropical flavour profile of outstanding quality. Diego is constantly experimenting with his beans, so, if you ask us, this producer is one to look out for.

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Supply chain

Los Pirineos – Ally – Keen


This black honey pacamara by Diego Baraona is one of the most grown coffees at the Los Pirineos farm. There are about 20 different varieties coming from the hand of Diego and his 60 headed team of workers. With Pacamara and Bourbon covering approx 80% of the farm’s volume.

What makes Diego such a well involved farmer in the specialty coffee industry is his own nursery/ variety ‘garden’ where he keeps around 70 different coffee varieties alive to constantly experiment with. Discovering new unfound things to pass on to the people around. It’s a passion Diego’s dad Gilberto passed on to him, so we expect alot of new unseen things from Diego in his future career as coffee farmer. Biodiversity is an important matter to him, diversity in overall: when it comes to various work for example. Diego lets his workers switch tasks from time to time to keep things more challenging and diverse.

Don’t let the ‘Honey’ part in its name mislead you because it has nothing to do with actual honey. It refers to the ‘mucilage’ which is the sticky substance that is left on the coffee bean during the process. For this ‘black honey’ they leave 100% of the mucilage intact unlike red and yellow honey processing. Therefore it takes about 25 days to fully dry, resulting in a more rich, well bodied coffee.


13°28’59.6″N 88°31’11.3″W


  • Washing Station: Los Pirineos
  • Producer: Diego Baraona
  • Region: Usulutan
  • Varietal: Pacamara
  • Altitude: 1400m
  • Process: Black Honey
  • Harvest Period: December – April
  • Flavour: Dried Mango, Orange, Butterscotch


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