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Rwanda, Costa Rica


Our new Espresso box features favourites of ours that we keep coming back to! The first time we featured Mahembe was in 2020 and we love it still! Danilo Salazar is from our long term trade relation and good friend Esteban Villalobos. We thought it was time to put these two together in a Tasting Box with different processing methods:  Mahembe from Rwanda is a washed coffee, when the bean is cleaned from the cherry and pulp and then dried.  This brings balanced notes of floral rosehip, juicy plum, and refreshing lemonade. Danilo Salazar from Costa Rica is a natural processed coffee, so this is dried in the cherry. It is full of sweetness thanks to notes of sugarcane that are accompanied by the tanginess of gooseberries and the crispiness of apples. These two uniquely different coffees come from two farms that have honoured their legacies for decades.

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Mahembe – Nordic Approach – Keen
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Two stories about the importance of home featuring an ambitious man who went back to his roots and two sons who are honouring their father’s legacy:

Mahembe: Meet Justin Musabyimana, a man with boundless ambition who travelled the world in search of his passion. But no matter where he went, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. Then, he had an epiphany: “home is where the heart is.” So, he returned to his roots in Rwanda and decided to invest in the very land that raised him. His father’s coffee plantation needed some love, and Justin had just the knowledge and experience he’d gathered on his travels to give it the boost it needed. Now, the Mahembe farm is thriving, boasting its own wet mill and serving as a shining example of what can be achieved through local collaboration. So, take a sip of this coffee and taste the sweet fruits of Justin’s labour – a coffee that’s not just delicious but also infused with a deep sense of community and purpose.

Danilo Salazar: He was not just a farmer, he was a true mastermind who poured his heart and soul into his farm, crafting some of the finest coffee in the world. But when he passed away, his legacy did not fade away. Instead, his two sons, Christian and Greivin, picked up where he left off and carried on his life’s work. Imagine growing up surrounded by coffee cherries, watching your father’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. That kind of passion and dedication is truly inspiring! And the best part? You can taste the fruit of their labour with every sip of this exceptional coffee. Close your eyes, take a sip, and let the flavours transport you to the depths of a vibrant Costa Rican rainforest.


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