Filter Tasting Box – Process

Rwanda, Indonesia


Our new filter box features three coffees that have had three very different processing methods! And three stories about perseverance and dedication in one’s craft featuring an ambitious man who went back to his roots, an admirable father-son duo, and a loving couple of coffee pioneers. Starting with Mahembe from Rwanda, it feels like a visit from an old friend. This is a washed coffee, when the bean is cleaned from the cherry and pulp and then dried. This brings delicate and balanced flavours of rosehip, plum, and lemonade. Gitesi from Rwanda is naturally processed coffee, so dried in the cherry. It has rich and sweet fudge notes, a tanginess of dried apricot, and a burst of blueberries. Frinsa from Indonesia had extended fermentation, like a natural processed coffee but with a longer fermentation. This gives it a tangy sweetness of kombucha, a rich taste of dark chocolate, and crisp flavour of cantaloupe. All three coffees are very different and come from producers that pour their passion into the perfect end result. 

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Mahembe – Nordic Approach – Keen

Gitesi – Nordic Approach – Keen

Wildan and Atieq – Nordic Approach – Keen


Mahembe: Meet Justin Musabyimana, a man with boundless ambition who travelled the world in search of his passion. But no matter where he went, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. Then, he had an epiphany: “home is where the heart is.” So, he returned to his roots in Rwanda and decided to invest in the very land that raised him. His father’s coffee plantation needed some love, and Justin had just the knowledge and experience he’d gathered on his travels to give it the boost it needed. Now, the Mahembe farm is thriving, boasting its own wet mill and serving as a shining example of what can be achieved through local collaboration. So, take a sip of this coffee and taste the sweet fruits of Justin’s labour – a coffee that’s not just delicious but also infused with a deep sense of community and purpose.

Gitesi: Is there anything more powerful than a father and his son working together? Alexis Gahizi built the Gitesi washing station in 2005, but only saw it grow five years later. When his son Aime, finished engineering school, he helped by creating an amazing water purification system that changed the game for the family. Their perseverance paid off and now they collaborate with over 1,800 farmers around the area. The father-son duo will always remember their early hardships, which is why they try to motivate their farmers by implementing a performance-based bonus program. Almost twenty years after founding the washing station, Alexis and Aime have dreams to grow their own land. With each sip of their delicious coffee, you’re not just tasting the product of their hard work – you’re joining them on their journey to greatness!

Frinsa: Wildan and Atieq are not just an ordinary couple, but a duo of coffee pioneers who have spent over 13 years working tirelessly to put their estate on the map as a leading producer of coffee in Indonesia. But they’re not just following the crowd – Wildan and Atieq have a unique vision for their coffee, one that requires a level of dedication and attention that is truly exceptional. They are committed to producing clean coffee with a funky, distinctive profile that sets them apart from the rest. And to achieve this, they’ve built a self-sufficient farm with a wet mill, storage space, and a dry mill all in one place. This means they have total control over their product, from the very first seed to the final roast. But it’s not just their exceptional coffee that sets them apart – it’s their unwavering dedication to sustainable practices and their commitment to quality. Wildan and Atieq are a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and a deep respect for the land.


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