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This lot from the Frinsa estate in Indonesia is fresh, light and acidic, but most of all it’s super funky! Sweet candy-like flavours are closely followed by fruity aromas and funky fermentation vibes. This coffee’s unparalleled funk comes from being anaerobically fermented in a bag, Ethiopia-stylez.

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Flavour profile

First of all, forget everything you (think you) know about Indonesian coffee. Where traditional Indonesian coffees are famed for their dark, earthy and tobacco-like tones, this new lot from the Frinsa estate in Indonesia is the exact opposite. It’s fresh, it’s light, it’s acidic, but most of all it’s super funky. Sweet barley-wine notes are closely followed by the full flavour of cocoa nibs and the acidic tickle of lemon zest. During the cupping, we also sniffed out some surprising apple cider notes, paired with sugary candy flavours and the lovely fruity aromas of kiwi and orange peel. All in all, a funky, acidic and intense flavour bomb that can and will change your mind about Indonesian coffee forever.

The story – the farm

Producers and spouses, Wildan and Atieq, started their family-run coffee project in Sindangkerta, Indonesia, in 2012. Little did they know then that it would later evolve into the full-blown coffee farm that we know and love today, the Java Frinsa Estate. Because drying coffee in Indonesia’s humid climate is notoriously difficult, Wildan only produces fully-washed coffees and controls the process with ventilated storage places and a dry-mill. This stroke of innovative genius gave the quality of the coffee a much-needed boost and caused Wildan and Atieq to get bumped up a few spaces on our preferred-farmers list.

Additionally, the community surrounding the Java Frinsa Estate has experienced a social and economic jump, and we firmly believe that this project will have long-term benefits for water conservation and reforestation. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, Wildan and Atieq also started dabbling in Ethiopian-style bag fermentation. This means that once the cherries are picked and cleaned, they are placed into a bag with Lactobacillus culture, and left to ferment anaerobically. This process creates the perfect environment for lactic acidity, which gives this coffee its thick body and its clean and funky flavour profile.


  • Farm: Frinsa Estate
  • Producers: Wildan Mustofa & Atieq Mustianingtyas
  • Region: Weninggalih, West Java
  • Varietal: Sigarar Utang
  • Altitude: 1,400m
  • Process: Extended Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Harvest Period: June – August
  • Flavour: Barley wine, cocoa nibs, lemon zest, apple cider, candy, kiwi & orange peel

2 reviews for Frinsa

  1. yevgeniyb (verified owner)

    One of my new favorites in “funky” (fermented) types of coffee, which I prefer in general. “coffee”-coffees are too boring for me. 🙂
    Frinsa is really delicious! I don’t know what they put into coffee ;P but in the evening I’m catching myself on a though that I can’t wait the next morning to taste this coffee again (I tend not to drink coffee right before the bed time).
    Coffee addict, you’d say? Maybe. But this “phenomena” happens only with El Diamante coffees and Frinsa (well, Kunasho too when it’s in stock).
    I absolutely recommend this coffee!

  2. Stephanie Sprague (verified owner)

    Such a good and unique coffee. When fresh it has notes reminiscent of kale. As it ages, it develops more and more of a chocolate flavor.

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