Fruit Punch Filter Tasting Box

Ethiopia, Uganda, El Salvador


In this edition of our ‘Filterbox’ you will find a trilogy of the most recent coffees here at Keen. One ‘natural’ Ethiopia (Galano), one ‘Anaerobic’ Uganda (Kingha) and a ‘Black honey’ pacamara from El Salvador (Los Pirineos). 

Galano, a lovable fruitbasket, consisting tropical notes of grapefruit, praline and strawberry is named after the Spanish meaning for ‘elegant man’ and we couldn’t agree more on this nickname. Kingha is no new face to us, He’s been around for a third time in a row. Smoother than ever, a subtle anaerobic to enjoy any moment of your day. Expect clean yet funky notes of caramel, raisin and orange. To sum this box up, we have a very special Black honey processed pacamara from El Salvador. The amount of love and attention Diego Baraona put into this is unmatchable. A one of a kind farmer delivering top of the bill coffees from their country. Expect an elegant body with sweet notes of dried apricot, orange and butterscotch.

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Supply chain

  • Los Pirineos – Ally – Keen
  • Kingha Estate – Nordic Approach – Keen
  • Galano – Nordic Approach – Keen


Los Pirineos: Fresh El Salvador by Diego Baraona. Introducing you to this elegant ‘Pacamara’ varietal grown at ‘Los Pirineos’, a farm known for its impeccable processing methods. It’s the second time we are roasting coffee that’s been grown on this farm, and it only gets better! This black honey-processed coffee will help you through any day. Expect a subtle yet tropical flavour profile of outstanding quality. Diego is constantly experimenting with his beans, so, if you ask us, this producer is one to look out for.

Kingha: When a coffee finds its way for a second time into our catalog, you could say it’s a coincidence. But this clean anaerobic finds its way back for the third year in a row, call it a pattern, because if you ask us Kingha is here to stay! After finishing our last anaerobic just days ago, here’s a worthy replacement for your funky fermented coffee needs. We are happy to bring coffees like these back for consecutive years and we are more than proud to keep doing so! If you haven’t tried Kingha yet, or waited for a new funkbomb! Do give this gentle coffee a go.

Galano: We received a lot of questions on when there will be a restock on our most liked Ethiopia: ‘Nensebo’. A little more patience is needed, but we won’t leave you empty handed. To fill this gap we introduce you to ‘Galano’: It’s a super nice Ethiopian coffee, which fits like a glove in the berry/ tropical section of Keen’s flavour wheel . Might go in the books as one of our favourites from their country yet! It smells like a fruit basket which, once opened, you wanna drink every morning until the very last bean.


Check for all the details the product pages of the individual coffees.


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