Gicogi Bwho

Mellow • Herbal • Sweet


What’s interesting about this coffee is that it’s actually a by-product of 6 different coffees from East and West Rwanda. It tastes amazing, too! Gicogi’s fruity guava and melon notes are combined with vanilla, dark chocolate and a luscious mouthfeel to create a cup with a strong ice cream vibe.

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Flavour profile

With summer just around the corner, we crave ice cream on a regular basis. But having ice cream every day – or multiple times a day – isn’t exactly good for your health. Luckily, our Rwandan friends sent us their Gicogi beans and it’s like hot ice cream in a cup! Especially if you make them into a foamy cappuccino. Gicogi starts off with the fruity, summery flavours of guava and melon, complemented by sweet notes of vanilla. You’ll also notice candy-like dried mango notes, as well as the mysterious aroma of dark chocolate.

This cup will make you feel like when you were a kid and you heard the ice cream truck coming down the street: your heart beats just a little bit faster, your mouth starts watering and nothing in the world is as important as getting to that ice cream truck right now. Ah, the good old days…

The story – the farm

One of the things that is interesting about this coffee is the fact that it’s a combination of by-products from different lots from 6 (!) different washing stations in Rwanda: Huye & Nyamagabe, Gishyita, Coffee Villages, Gitega, Bwenda and Horizon. These washing stations separate these peaberries (or call them PBs if you wanna be cool about it) during the milling and sorting phase. This is also the reason that we never know beforehand how much beans we’ll get or how they will taste once we feed them to Candice the Coffee Roastress. Of course, we know that coffees from these regions have a very distinct fruity aroma and an unusually dense mouthfeel, but what it will taste like exactly is always a surprise. The good kind, obviously.

Another thing that’s cool about this lot is the fact that PBs are usually only sold to the commercial market, which we feel is a shame, because this amazing collection of beans is perfect for creating specialty filters and espressos. So, we’re very excited to finally share these unique flavours from East Africa with you.


  • Washing Station: Gishyta Washing Station
  • Co-op: 6 different farms
  • Region: Korongi, Nyamagabe, Gatsibo
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1,700m
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest Period: March – June
  • Flavour: Guava, vanilla, melon, dried mango & dark chocolate


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