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This relatively new washing station has already demonstrated its success significantly! A sweet yet smooth fruit experience which we find utterly outstanding for coffees from Rwanda. They were the first in their country to produce honey varieties which are only available on the Rwandan market for a short time. So let this melon-tea like coffee with loads of other juicy fruit tones amaze you.

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Supply Chain

Kilimbi – Rehm & Co – Keen Coffee


No strange thing, if you haven’t heard of this washing station before. For the first time with us at Keen coffee. And only just hailed in 2016, which is super young, if you look at the time a coffee tree needs to grow from baby to adult.

In its short existence, Kilimbi has set a mark in the Rwanda specialty coffee industry. A multi barista competition used & award-winning station but most importantly, along with its big Sister Rugali were the first stations in Rwanda’s history to produce and export Natural and Honey processed coffee legally. This has now paved the way for other coffee producers in Rwanda! In their young existence they knocked their way into ‘Cup of Excellence’ charts and are not planning to leave. What makes this washing station unique is that it is located next to ‘lake Kivu’, which is the biggest lake of the whole country. Unlike other washing stations there are farmers who use little boats to deliver their product for the next step of the process. If you grab a binocular while standing at the dockings you can spot the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Currently, the coffee industry in Rwanda is at its peak and producing exceptional coffees. The road has clearly not been easy, but through the leadership of a committed government, educational projects and strategic planning, they have laid the solid foundation for this success.


2°31’10.8″S 29°20’25.8″E


  • Washing Station: Kilimbi
  • Producer: 750 smallholders
  • Region: Nyamasheke
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1650 – 1850 m
  • Process: Honey
  • Harvest Period: May – June
  • Flavour: Cantaloupe – Rose hips – Plum








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