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When a coffee finds its way for a second time into our catalog, you could say it’s a coincidence. But this clean anaerobic finds its way back for the third year in a row, call it a pattern, because if you ask us Kingha is here to stay! After finishing our last anaerobic just days ago, here’s a worthy replacement for your funky coffee needs. We are happy to bring coffees like these back for consecutive years and we are more than proud to keep doing so! If you haven’t tried Kingha yet, or waited for a new gentle funkbomb! Do give this coffee a go.

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Supply chain

Kingha Estate – Nordic Approach – Keen Coffee


As a specialty coffee roastery we love the idea that everybody in the process gets what they deserve. Our trader, Nordic Approach, does their best to ensure equality, especially onwards the hardworking farmers of the Kingha estate, located in the Kinungo region. Managed by Canadian-born school teacher, Kingsley Griffin. Who was taking a walk around nature when he had a vision, ‘it’s time to change my life and work together with these farmers to create an outstanding local product’.

Kingsley works closely together with the local smallholders to ensure outstanding quality much better than an average Ugandan coffee. That’s why Nordic Approach pre-contracts him to sell all their coffee to them. So the farmers have a ensured income, and they can work hard on maximum quality. Not only are farms important to him, he also provides electricity from a water powered solution for local schools/ churches. Praise you Kingsley.

For the third year in a row, this coffee is just perfectly balanced, with the right amount of funk, fruity, reminding us a little of stewing pears.


0°55’16.7″S  29°39’31.1″E




  • Washing Station: Kingha Estate
  • Producer: 500 smallholders
  • Region: Kanungo
  • Varietal: SL-34, SL-18, SL-28
  • Altitude: 1300 – 1550 m
  • Process: Natural Anaerobic
  • Harvest Period: March – May
  • Flavour: Raisin, Caramel, Orange, Milk Chocolate, Stewed pear

1 review for Kingha

  1. yevgeniyb (verified owner)

    Indeed, a darker than average filter coffee taste profile, chocolaty and smooth. Less density, i.e. easier to grind than usual filter coffee. Probably due to darker roast. Nice one! I recommend.

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