Los Coronados DAC ’22

Buttery • Gentle acidity • Juicy


An enchanting cup, that dazzles you with the smooth and silky sweetness of mango and sugarcane, combined with the tingling taste of canned mandarin. Brought to us by Cultivar, Los Coronados is a gourmet coffee produced by the Coronados family and neighbouring farms from the San Antonio community in Peru.

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Flavour profile

Let yourself be whisked away to mystical mighty mountains, be captivated by fairy lights filtering through the coffee trees. One sip of this enchanting cup transports you to wondrous Peru, it conjures up visions of this majestic country.

Los Coronados dazzles with the syrupy-sweet characteristics of mango and lime, combined with the tingling taste of canned mandarin. As the cup cools down, more intricate flavours reveal themselves and we’re awarded with notes of fruity red apple, juicy raspberry and granadillo.
Get your sunnies out, because this bean makes a bright and brilliant cup.

The story – the farm

Thanks to Cultivar, we discovered the impressive specialty coffees of the Peruvian San Antonio community. San Antonio is located in the San José del Alto region, where the rich soils and wet & humid climate create the perfect conditions for growing coffee. Cultivar introduced us to the hard working Los Coronados family, Nicolas & Reinelda, who run the Romerillo farm. They grow the high quality Los Coronados beans together with neighbouring farms Las Palmeras (run by Ulises Collantes) and La Loma.

La Loma (meaning the hill), run by Hermogenes & Aleida, is situated on a plot of land that’s believed to be enchanted, shimmering fairy lights have been seen shining through the trees. Tasting this wonderful coffee, we’re inclined to believe it, we’re definitely bedazzled! All three farms grow Yellow Caturra and Bourbon variety. Their deep yellow cherries are harvested when ripe, pulped at the end of harvesting day and fermented for 36 hours. The result is a fruity and juicy bean; one sip of this coffee dazzles you with syrupy-sweet characteristics of mango and lime, fruity red apple, juicy raspberry combined with the tingling taste of canned mandarin. Thanks to this trio of farmers, we can now enjoy enchantment in a cup.


  • Community: San Antonio
  • Farms: La Loma, El Romerillo, Las Palmeras
  • Region: Jaén, San José del Alto
  • Varietal: Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1,850m – 1,900m
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest Period: July – October
  • Flavour: Canned mandarin, mango, sugarcane, red apple, raspberry & granadillo


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