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We miss coffee events and our friends in the specialty coffee community. One of the events we miss most is the Dutch AeroPress Championship. So we figured, we’ll just bring a bit of the DAC to you with this unique, custom AeroPress Box. With a great coffee, a beer, a limited edition “Power to the Press” poster (A2), a sticker and a beer skimmer!

We hope to get everyone excited to share recipes and practice at home with the coffee we selected for this year. And with the power of the community we want to help Yonal and Imelda, by donating €4 for every box sold to El Laurel. With this money, Yonal will invest in fermentation tanks and equipment for his drying beds.

We’ll roast and ship the boxes starting on the 25th of February

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Who is this box for?

Anyone and everyone all over the world who loves the AeroPress and wants to get their hands on this awesome box and help support Yonal and Imelda.

Sharing is caring!

Got your coffee and did you create a great recipe for it? Awesome! Share your recipes with us via our online form, and we’ll be sure to share it on the Dutch Aeropress account on Instagram. We’ll be hosting a small live event in turn to try out your recipes and hold an interview with Yonal in Peru. Dates for this event will be announced soon! Keep an eye on our socials, because you can win the only, Kinu hand-grinder!

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We couldn’t have done all of this without our wonderful sponsors. Because of their support, we are able to cover a large portion of the costs, which in turn means we can donate more to Yonal and Imelda. So, a big shout out and a huge thank you to:

  • Cultivar
  • Brita Nederland
  • Dutchcoffeepack
  • La Marzocco NL
  • Kinu Grinder

The story – the farm

This microlot is made from a coffee (variety) which is quite a mystery. While some refer to it as a resistant Bourbon, others call it a tall Catimor. This lot is produced by Yonal and his wife Imelda on their farm El Laurel in the village El Vencedor. They established their farm 7 years ago to continue their family tradition of coffee farming. In 2019 they were introduced to specialty coffee and have become intrigued about improving their quality ever since. They started to harvest their varieties separately, to pick more ripe cherries and have installed solar dryers. The result of their hard work is excellent.

The farm is located in a very humid district, which offers fertile soils and has in general very favourable conditions for (specialty) coffee production. While rain and humidity are great for the production of coffee it causes a lot of problems in drying the parchment. That’s why we want to help them invest in new drying beds, among other things.

What’s in the box?

  • A bag of a kickass microlot coffee from Yonal and Imelda from the El Laurel farm in Colonsay, Peru. El Laurel is situated 1800 meters above sea level, making for a wonderfully sweet and juicy coffee with some delicious berry flavours
  • An A2-size riso print poster specially designed by illustrator Robert-Jan Lechner
  • A custom beer skimmer that can be used for stirring your coffee or skimming your beer. Win-Win, and a must-have during any AeroPress Championship (real or at home)
  • A New England IPA specialty beer from Eleven Brewery
  • A cool sticker and some awesome goodies from our sponsors


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