Rosas Pata

Delicate. Juicy. Floral.


Rosas Patas is located in the south of Peru near the Bolivian border, the farm is located at 1600 meters. Blood orange, dark chocolate and brown sugar, are just a few examples of what to look for in this wonderful honey-processed lot.

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Flavour profile

This micro lot from Rosas Pata consists of Red Bourbon and Typica – the coffee is picked through selective harvesting and de-pulped. The coffee is then fermented for an average of 36 hours and dried, resulting in a clean cup with flavours of blood orange, dark chocolate, brown sugar, rose, Earl Grey and lemongrass

The story – the farm

This microlot comes from the Alto Inambari district in the Sandia province of Peru, near the border with Bolivia. Alto Inambari is a coffee-producing region where farmers are well known for their coffee quality and have won several awards at international fairs and competitions. At the same time, it’s a very challenging region to produce coffee because of its fierce weather, its remoteness and the lack of proper infrastructure.

Thirty years ago, Flavio moved from the highlands of Puno to the high jungle to produce crops such as citrus, pineapple, banana and coffee. While being mindful of conserving flora, fauna, water, soil and biodiversity, Flavio applies good practices of sustainable agriculture which in turn resulted in great results for their coffee production!


  • Farm/Cooperative/Label: Rosas Pata
  • Producer: Flavio Ccori Soncco
  • Region: Puno, Alto Inambari, Quimsa Cruz
  • Varietal: Red Bourban, Typica
  • Altitude: 1600m
  • Process: Full Washed
  • Harvest period: June – October


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