Danilo Salazar

Costa Rica
Complex • Sweet • Smooth
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It feels like yesterday when we stood in one of Danilo’s coffee fields, brewing one of his coffees, which we roasted back in Utrecht, and enjoyed it with his team. The proud smile on his face was unmatchable, these are the relationships that make us do it! Sadly Danilo passed away two years back, but his sons aced his legacy, creating coffee’s that scream ‘We are from Danilo’s farm!’, something Danilo would be very proud of.

This espresso is a one of a kind: complex yet smooth, Brown sugar sticky sweetness, Gooseberry acidity and exotic lychee undertones.

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This Costa Rican delicacy is a true legacy. Year after year it keeps surprising us, it almost feels like a game we don’t need to play anymore. Every time this coffee lands on our cupping table we immediately agree, It’s coming back to our catalog! It almost feels as if it should be preached as one of our all time direct-trade classics. For ‘day one’ Keen coffee enjoyers Danilo might be remembered as the first El Diamante farmer we worked with. But this lot is as natural as can be, no funky fermentation but a delicate and clean cup. Sadly Danilo isn’t among us anymore, but for the second year in a row his sons, Christian and Greivin prove that Danilo did an incredible job passing on the legacy. So, even though we won’t be able to drink coffee from the hands of Danilo himself anymore, his spirit lives on in his beans and credit where credit’s due.

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Christian & Greivin Salazar – Keen Coffee


10°09’54.0″N 84°23’20.0″W


  • Farm: San Christobal Del Llano
  • Producer: Danilo Salazar
  • Region: West Valley, Narinjo
  • Varietal: Caturra, Red Catuai, H16
  • Altitude: 1,750m
  • Process: Natural
  • Harvest Period: January
  • Flavour: Brown Sugar, Gooseberry, Lychee

1 review for Danilo Salazar

  1. luc.rokegem

    Exceptional good coffee, so good that i actually don’t want to share my experience and keep it al for myself.

    • Joris Goossens

      So extra thanks for sharing then Luc!

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