Santa Felisa


Sweet. Floral. Fruity.

Expect complexity! Tinned strawberries, caramel sweetness, milk chocolate body, bright lemonade acidity and even a floral note of violet.

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Flavour profile

Agronomist, Ecologist & Q-Grader, Annabella Meneses is taking coffee farming to the next level.

We found her when selecting coffees for the 2019 Dutch Barista Championships pre-rounds. After cupping every interesting bean we could get our hands on from the Santa Felisa Farm. Annabella’s red catuai yeast fermentation coffee was the clear winner.

Expect complexity! A hint of tinned strawberries and thick caramel sweetness. Smooth milk chocolate body and bright lemonade acidity. Even a floral note of violet.

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  • Farm / Cooperative: Santa Felisa Estates
  • Producer: Anabella & Antonio Meneses
  • Region:  Acatenango
  • Varietal: Red catuai
  • Altitude: 1750
  • Process: Natural yeast fermentation


Siblings, Anabella and Antonio Meneses are 4th generation owners of the Santa Felisa farm (est. 1904). Since 2010, Anabella Meneses has researched coffee fermentation and drying methods. She’s had great results using these methods to develop different flavours and fitting method with varietal. 

The natural yeast fermentation used for this coffee requires many steps:

Day one: The cherries are picked. The cherries selected must have a sugar level of Brix 23. This affects the fermentation process, resulting in more complex flavours. The cherries are rinsed, then fermented for 12 hours in massive piles. 

Day two: The cherries are dried on African beds.

Day three: The water activity in the cherries reaches a level that makes their yeast content very high (0,85 for the nerds). At this point, the cherries are placed in a sealed container for 12 hours (suspending the drying process.)

Day four: The cherries are laid on African beds again in layers of 8cm and moved 6 times a day until ready.

We are proudly coaching and roasting this coffee for Farrah Tan’s DBC 2019 pre-rounds.

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