The Paths Of Rhythm – Filter Tasting Box

Ethiopia, Rwanda & Brazil

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This tasting box contains three coffees from the fruity/ red side of our flavour wheel. First we have a coffee from what must be one of our all time favourite origins: Nensebo. A fruity and floral touch in a way only Ethiopians taste. Secondly: Jaguara Anaerobic. A comforting yet rich and complex coffee produced by our day one direct trade friends of Jaguara estate. And to top things off, for the first time at Keen: Kilimbi. A ‘red bourbon’ honey from Rwanda. It’s a relatively innovative way of processing coffee in Rwanda.

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Supply chain

  • Nensebo Refisa – Nordic Approach – Keen
  • Kilimbi – Rehm & co – Keen
  • Garcia Family – Keen


Nensebo: Back with us for another round. The type of natural coffee that will never gets bored. A floral touch in a way only Ethiopians taste. Enjoy this very comfortable and elegant cup full of strawberry, lavender and pineapple.

Kilimbi: This relatively new washing station has already demonstrated its success significantly! A sweet yet smooth fruit experience which we find utterly outstanding for coffees from Rwanda. They were the first to produce honey varieties which are only available on the Rwandan market for a year or three. So let this melon-tea like coffee with loads of other juicy fruit tones amaze you.

Jaguara Anaerobic: A new experimental approach on our most beloved coffee out there! And instead of its classic natural processing this has undergone an 80 hours anaerobic ‘barrel-fermentation’. A very comforting, rich yet complex cup. With Jaguara they have already proven that their work will change your perspective on Brazilian coffees. But get ready to find out how a special microlot from their hands will leave you speechless.


Check for all the details the product pages of the individual coffees.

About the title:

We decided to implement song-titles and other related links to music we sing along (or dance to) as names for each new box. We strongly believe that just like music, coffee is a binding factor. It’s a universal language. So we can connect to whomever shares the same passion.

This title was provided by Keen’s in-house Hip Hop head, Isaac. Its based on the album: People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm by A Tribe Called Quest. Everybody pours their filter coffee in a unique way. The path the water takes while you saturate your ground beans and the rhythm with which you supply the water, all of these influence your brew after all.


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