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It’s the first time we are introducing you to a ‘East-Ugandan’ coffee. Due to the high altitude where it grows, this somehow reminds us of a Kenyan coffee. The volcanic mountain terrain offers a unique soil. Expect a sweet and clean espresso with Mandarin, Blueberry and Caramel.

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Bulambuli – Nordic Approach – Keen


Growing at a high altitude and volcanic soil up in the mount Elgon region, east of Uganda, close to the border with Kenya. The farms are managed by family members and are located in parishes, or communities. Each parish acts as the administrative center for 7-12 villages. These villages can be home to as few as 200 people. The farmers often work in groups, with an individual allocated as their leader. Most Ugandan coffees come from different parishes. The coffee trees grow at an uncommon high altitude, up to 2300 masl. Resulting in a complex and nuanced coffee.

The area’s high altitudes are ideal for producing quality coffee, whereas the lower altitudes are used for drying purposes. At the drying yards, highly specialized professionals focus on ensuring an optimal, controlled drying process. Bulambuli washing station pulps, ferments, and dries the input from local small scale farmers. This washed coffee has been named after an indigenous bird living in the Bulambuli forest. The name of this bird in Lugisu, the local dialect, is Zinule. The traders use this name to refer to sweet, fragrant and intense washed coffees from Bulambuli.


1°16’59.8″N 34°21’00.1″E


  • Washing Station: Bulambuli
  • Producer: 200 – 400 smallholders
  • Region: Bulambuli, East Uganda
  • Varietal: SL-28, SL-14
  • Altitude: 1700 – 2300
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest Period: September – January
  • Flavour: Mandarin, Blueberry, Caramel, Cafe Noir, Dried Plum, Lemongrass


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