If you love coffee as much as we do, you know this to be true! This holiday season, share your passion for great coffee.

“Since we miss having personal contact, what better gift is there than to share a beautiful cup of specialty coffee?”

A sustainable coffee journey!

Would you like to surprise your family, friends, clients or employees with a warm gift for the holiday? We’re glad to present our Keen Coffee specialty coffee packs!

A pack of either espresso or filter coffee contains delicious specialty coffees from the finest origins. Every coffee is imported through direct trade with farmers. Because of direct trade, coffee farmers received a fair price for their coffee and we’re able create a sustainable, lasting relationships.

Every coffee comes with its own origin card, containing information about the farm, the farmers and the flavour descriptions.

A gift for everybody!

We have special gift packs for 2x 250 grams or 4x 250 grams. You can choose your roast, filter or espresso, and we’ll make sure it’s beautifully gift-wrapped and accompanied with a personal note.

You can also customise your gift according to your wishes or needs. For instance, you could add a handy grinder, or a coffee dripper, brew guides, or anything else from the shop.

Original and contemporary

Specialty coffee is a hot commodity right now, and incredibly popular. Drinking great coffee is like taking a short holiday to recharge yourself before continuing the long work day.

With this gift, smiles are guaranteed.

Honest and sustainable gift

We believe in direct trade and in building lasting relationships with farmers.

In addition, we work with organic farmers and roast our coffee in the most energy-efficient way.


And so easy!

We will gift-wrap, pack and ship your gift to anyone, anywhere.

Just send us the details and we’ll take care of the rest.


Starting from 6 packs and up:

  • 2x 250 grams filter or espresso roast + shipping (NL) = €22,50
  • 4x 250 grams filter or espresso roast + shipping (NL) = €27,50
  • 2x 250 grams El Diamante Championship selection + shipping (NL) = €45,00
  • 2x 250 grams filter roast + Hario grinder + shipping (NL) = €45,00
  • Brewkit + 250 grams + shipping (NL) = €90,00

Roasted fresh
every week

Seasonal coffees
selected with care

Ethically sourced
and processed

Always innovating,
never boring